Sunday, January 15, 2017

Start of 30k: Sons of Horus

     After much deliberation on my part, I've elected to do Sons of Horus as my 30k army. I've had some boxes sitting around for a while, just waiting to be turned into something wonderful. I picked up Calth over the summer at Historicon for a steal, just needed a little more motivation to finally get started.

     I knew I wanted to do a traitor legion since my 40k army is loyalists. I really love the paint scheme. I just hope I still at least like it after I paint it onto some 40 or so marines.

     How do I not fall in love with this scheme? And as a happy coincidence, I picked up that color from Forge World's airbrush line while I was visiting Warhammer World over the summer. I also picked up the grand baddie Horus himself at Adepticon 2-3 years ago. No excuse not to paint him now. A perfect (totally accidental) plan!

     I'm still out on medical leave (recovering from surgery has some perks I guess) so I've had lots of time to assemble models in between naps. I managed to make some headway with these guys last week.

     The Contemptor is complete and Cataphractii termies are well on their way. I put in an order with Forge World for the cool Cataphractii SoH shoulders to use on them as well as some SoH MKII shoulder pads and SoH heads to spread around the units.

     It was just a small order to get me started. I'm on somewhat of a schedule with these, I'm using them as part of my 2017 Motivational challenge on the Freebootaz Forum. If you're a member you can track my progress there. The objective is to paint one unit a month and I can't exactly paint the termies without their shoulder pads!

     I'll be getting probably more shoulder pads, some torsos, possibly some weapons, and definitely the SoH Legion Command guys when I place my Adepticon order soon. And maybe Russ as well.
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