Sunday, May 31, 2015

Little May Update

May has been a *busy* month, but you wouldn't know it from the state of the site. I finished the Dark Angel biker commission (yay!) and I moved house. I'm really looking forward to a much more chill June.

The commission was supposed to be totally finished before I moved, but an apartment became available about a month sooner than I had expected. Then I got a call letting me know one would be ready in 2-3 weeks, which two days later turned into "it's available now, come sign the lease or we'll give it to someone else." Well, ok.

I did the majority of the move (most of the big stuff) over Memorial Day weekend with a ton of help from my parents (and their trailer). After a week, a bunch of new furniture, and many emptied boxes later, I have something resembling a livable space now. I'm still not sure where a lot of stuff is just yet, but I'm making progress.

So, I have a Darkshroud and box of Thunderwolves left to finish of the commission. But, on the bright side, I'll get to paint them on my shiny new painting table!

This is a very work-in-progress shot, but it's really coming together. Poster is hung now and there's stuff organized on the shelves. Now if only I'd remembered to buy a chair to sit in... oh well. Kitchen chair will suffice in the meantime.

I also received my Carnevale Kickstarter goodies on Friday! A nice little housewarming gift, if I do say so. Although, I did also get a Garden of Morr as an actual housewarming gift. I have some pretty great friends, just saying.

I've barely had any time to do anything other than peek in the box and make sure everything looked like it was there. I hope I can dig into them a little deeper this week.

There probably won't be any hobbying for me this week, other than putting together the Darkshroud. I have lots to unpack and this weekend I'm attending my college reunion. Then it's more unpacking, I suspect.

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