Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stuff, Stuff, Buy My Stuff

Howdy all. I'm downsizing and I thought you'd all like a crack at some of my stuff before it all hits eBay. As things get claimed, I'll update the item so you'll know if an item is still available or not.

If you're interested in an item, please email me at eaton.ashleyn @ (no spaces, of course). Payments will be handled through Paypal. I will send you an invoice which includes shipping, too. Please remember I am in the US, so consider what shipping costs that might mean for you. But if you happen to be local, DC/MD/VA metro area, I'd be happy to arrange a pick up meeting in lieu of shipping.

Prices in USD, and are negotiable. This post will remain active for about a week, and then everything remaining will go to eBay. I'll include links here when they do. 

**Items are now up on Ebay, please go through the auctions there with the links provided.**

Current Tyranid Codex: SOLD
       Condition: New, in plastic wrap

Tyranid Psychic cards: SOLD
       Condition: New in plastic wrap

 Box of Termagants: On eBay
       Condition: New, but not shrink wrapped

 5 Hordes Warpborn Skinwalkers: On eBay
       Condition: Plastic. 4 fully painted, one primed white. Card included.
Close up photos can be seen in this post.

Hordes Winter Argus: On eBay
       Condition: Plastic, new in box.

Hordes Warpwolf: On eBay
       Condition: Plastic. Assembled, primed white. Includes card.

Hordes Woldwyrd: On eBay
       Condition: Metal. Assembled, unprimed. No card.

Hordes Orboros Krueger Stormwrath: On eBay
       Condition: Metal. Assembled, unprimed. No card.

Lizardmen Battalion: On eBay
       Condition: New in box, not shrink wrapped

Lizardmen box of skinks: On eBay
       Condition: New in box, still shrink wrapped

Current Lizardmen codex: On eBay
       Condition: New but opened. Leafed through maybe twice.

I'm still on the fence about selling my Dwarf army, so they're not on the table just yet.

Thanks for looking!

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