Monday, November 24, 2014

Adepticon Fever!

Registration day is upon us! If you haven't registered already, it's not too late (for some things). The event runs March 19th - March 22nd and is taking place at a brand new venue. I was lucky enough to score a VIG Badge, which I am very excited about (even if I haven't seen concrete evidence of what it includes this year).

I also managed to get in to every event and seminar I wanted. And boy, do I have a PACKED schedule. 

Thursday: Painting Freehand Patterns & Painted Weathering Techniques
Friday: Warhammer 40K Friendly the 13th
Saturday: US Saga Grand Melee (Day 2) & Maximizing your Tournament Appearance Score
Sunday: Introduction to Competitive Painting & Glazing: A Versatile Technique

Who needs to sleep? Or eat? Or... shop? Oh no, did I schedule away all my shopping and demo time? Noooo! Nah, I'm sure I'll find plenty of time to spend all my money.

Is it March yet? I am just STOKED. I was able to book the on-site hotel room, too, so now everything but my flight has been taken care of. I was seriously tempted to buy my plane tickets tonight but I decided to wait a little longer to see if they go down in price a bit.

Unfortunately, this will probably be my last Adepticon for some time, because I won't be able to take time off during tax season for a while after this year. Oh well. I like paying the bills.

Are you going? What events are you playing in?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Still Kicking Around

Hey, where'd October go? Work started picking up in September and now suddenly it's November. I feel like I missed my favorite month of the year. But it was not without a little hobby progress.

Getting there slowly.

I've been working on a Stormwolf and a Logan Grimnar on Stormrider for a commission. Putting Logan together proved to be a little more interesting than I expected. You can take him on foot or mounted, and since they stopped selling him on foot, I expected he would fit into his chariot while mounted on a 40mm base.

Loooool nope.

So after some drilling and clever magnetizing later, I had a magnet in Logan's foot, one on the underside of the chariot floor, and one in the 40mm base. Not ideal, perhaps, but it gets the job done. Personally, I'm thrilled that I have one of the old Logans they used to sell so I don't have to play this game when I buy my own Logan on pimp chariot.

I also participated in a Victorian Horror themed dungeon crawl on Halloween. We used that fabulous Dwarven Forge dungeon terrain for it. Somehow, we ended up with two traitors, and so after some initial niceties in the first few rooms, it quickly descended into a homicidal massacre. I might or might not have been the catalyst in that misadventure.

Despite having accidentally ended the game before we got through the whole dungeon, it was a very fun time. I'm looking forward to doing more games like this in the future.

There are 6 weeks left in my semester, and then I am d. o. n. e. DONE! Which means a lot more hobbying will be happening thereafter. Maybe even some Termies for my Space Wolves. I have a few dozen Wolves to finish before I start on any other projects.
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