Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September Kickstarter Project Recommendations

A lot has been going on here lately, so I haven't had much hobby time. My school semester is in full swing and I took my first painting commission last week. So I have been hobbying, just not for myself. But, I do want to take a bit of time to spread the word about two Kickstarter projects I'm backing.

The first you might be familiar with, as I've spoken about them at length, is another Stonehaven project. This time they're doing Half-Orcs along with some other assorted interesting critters.

They have a green up of the paladin already (leftmost in the photo here), with a nice spinning gif so you can see all around him. A new miniature is also being added to the campaign each day.

I can's speak highly enough about the models and the great customer experience. I've backed all of their projects thus far, and I really love the character that their models have. I've painted several, including a troll, gnome, and some dwarves. They are also top-notch in keeping you up to date and informed of the project's progress.

The second project is one you may not of heard of. It's called Carnevale and it's a miniatures skirmish game made by Vesper-on Games, from Spain. The setting is an alternate-timeline of late 18th century Venice. I've been in love with the minis for the game since I figure stumbled upon them about two years ago.

They're adding several new factions and incorporating new and updated rules in a new rulebook. There are also some very nice terrain pieces that are available through the Kickstarter as well, and new minis for existing factions.

They have already unlocked some very nice stretch goals, including a hardback rulebook, a mini rulebook, and base inserts. I'm going to pick up two starter sets so hubs and I can play it. I already have the Black Specter model, I bought him just to paint for fun. It'll be nice to have some friends for him.

I'm really looking forward to receiving both projects, even though I certainly have enough minis to keep me busy at the moment.


  1. I swear I remember a blog post about having an excessive amount of plastic? :)

    I made a pact that I would only do one mini kickstarter at a time..it's bit me in the arse as I'm still....waiting....for my robotech stuff.

  2. These are metal so they don't count? ;-)

    But, one ends in a few days and one ends next month, which means I'll get paid between them. That's really my only rule.

  3. You had me at Dagon

  4. Yeah, I've been resisting Carnevale since I heard about their new Kickstarter. But Cult of Dagon or even the Strigoi are veeery tempting.
    Must resist...already have too many skirmish games.

  5. Congrats on the painting commission. Recently started my first conversion commission myself.

  6. I'm pretty stoked about it. It's painting some Thunderwolf Cav which I'm fairly practiced at, so they don't take me as long as the first ones did.

  7. It's Patricians for me, and whatever Casey wants for himself, he's leaning toward Strigoi at the moment.


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