Monday, August 18, 2014

Imperial Knight, Complete!

I spent a bit more time than I anticipated working on him, but he's complete! And, more importantly, he's ready two weeks ahead of the NOVA Open.

 He's a Freeblade and he's aligned himself with the Space Wolves, so I have named him The Boot of Russ. So, he's suitably decked out in wolfy bits as well.

 He has several conversions and modifications. I sculpted fur pelts onto his shoulder pads, added trophy racks onto his carapace, added chains to the back of the chainsword, and added the fancy hanging scroll thingy on his back. Additionally, I did a super fancy base for him, where he's stepping over a fallen Daemon Prince.

 That was really enjoyable to make. The best part was it didn't cost me anything- he's made entirely of left over bits from the Daemon Prince I built when that kit first came out (i.e. when wings were too expensive to take). I sculpted on the two legs and one arm to complete the look.

 I had an excessive amount of fun with decals on this guy. He's covered in them, some of which I made myself. Using them and making them turned out to be hilariously easier than I ever imagined. I don't know why I waited so long to try them out.

 I'm really pleased with how he turned out. Since he's a centerpiece model, I wanted him to be special. I think I hit that nail on the head.

 Amazingly, I am now fully painted for the NOVA Open, and it's not the night before. I'm apparently going to get a full night's sleep the day before the tournament. This feels so weird. I didn't even have to paint anything new for the new book in order to make a decent 7th edition list.

I will be going through and touching up the rest of the army in the meantime, just fixing guys that got broken* or chipped over the course of the last year. Nothing major, nothing stressful, and nothing that can't be left at the last minute if I run out of time.

*It's sad to say, but the minute that I took my Knight out for a game yesterday, he fell over and broke in several places. I managed to fix him well enough, but I'm now dubious of his chances of surviving NOVA in one piece.


  1. Outstanding work, love the paint and the mods. Very motivational!!!

  2. What is the set up of the open? Is it just for tournament player or can you come without being a player? Are venders going to be there? And lastly if it is open to everyone how much is it to join the fun?

  3. Thanks! I really do hope he makes it through the weekend relatively intact. Might be best to come looking for him earlier in the event than later.

  4. Thank you! I had a blast working on him.

  5. Looks cool maybe we will run into each other. I will be there saturday and possibly sunday to see the 40K GT final too

  6. No but I'll be there bright and early on Friday.

  7. Ok, I don't know if I'll be working Thursday night yet or just Friday and Saturday. Either way, I'll try and track you and Casey down at some point. Depending on when I wake up of course lol! Midnights are rough... haha


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