Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Paint Debate Begins!

Fresh from Adepticon, with no other impending projects on my plate means it's officially time for me to embark on my Great Paint Experiment. I got started two nights ago.

Obviously, step 1 was to label them.  I wouldn't have gotten very far without that. So far, I have base coated their skin, fur, and cloaks. Tonight, I'm going to start basing the green on their armor. I'm really getting excited about this, already noticed a lot of differences between the brands.

I am doing a bit of live-tweeting about it, complete with WIP photos, using #paintdebate. It's really an experiment and not a debate, but that seemed catchier (and better yet, was a largely unused hashtag). So if you want to see my most up-to-date progress, you can do it there. I may do another WIP blog post between now and the end.

If all goes well, they should be finished by the end of next week. Afterwards, I'll take some nice photos of each mini, and do a full write up of what I found out. It's been interesting trying to keep track of all these paints, but so far so good! None have mysteriously walked off yet.

Experiment Proposal
Part 1: So Much Paint 
Part 3: Results 

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  1. Well, I don't use Twitter much, I refuse to create an acct lol. I am following as best I can.
    One thing about droppers I should have mentioned before you started. You need to put some shaker agitators into the bottles. I do this with ALL my paint bottles personally; both the AP dropper bottles and the P3 fliptops. I use 6mm Stainless Steel bearings. I order mine from amazon and they are fairly cheap. 2 bearings per bottle is best. Before adding them to the bottle you need to degrease them. I usually soak them in 99% alcohol for a day or two.
    This will make shaking paints much easier and will alleviate the problems you are having.


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