Thursday, March 27, 2014

Baby Balrog: The Dweller in the Dark

Ages ago, Casey suckered me into playing Lord of the Rings. I finished my Moria Goblins not too long ago and now I am playing in the LOTR tournament at Adepticon (only two weeks away!). My most recent addition to the army is the Dweller in the Dark, whom I affectionately started calling my Baby Balrog.

Bring me the Hobbits!
 He's Finecast, and I've had some really mixed experiences with it. This model was hands down the hottest mess I've had to deal with. GW is really good about getting you a new one if you get a screwed up one, but I got him two years ago and just stuck it out.

He took so much work and still didn't turn out very well, honestly. All of his claws were jacked up, he was insanely bent over and had to be repositioned (twice), and a full inch of his tail is missing. But I digress.

I had a hell of a lot of fun painting him, once it got to that point. I finished him in two days, which is probably a personal best. It was a simple matter of priming him black, painting his magma (or is it lava? Going to go with magma, since it's on his insides), and then cleaning up the magma outlines. A little hair and highlight detail later, and voila, Baby Balrog.

I only have a handful of models left to finish for the army, just a couple Deadmarsh Spectres. As far as finishing things for Adepticon goes, I am almost done. My Necromunda ladies are finished, and my Saga Bretons are done, too. Although, even though it's only 3 models, I am sure I'll still be painting something the night before we leave. It's inevitable.


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