Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 Year in Review

Happy New Year, warmongers! 2013 has come and gone. I only broke 85% of my hobby resolutions so all in all, I'm going to call it a win! But only because I have the "I went back to school" excuse.

Party Troll knows how to let loose.
Let's do a little review of how I did:

2013 Goals:
  • Finish my Space Wolves!
  • Paint at least 50 models unrelated to my Space Wolf army
  • Keep posting consistently.
  • Attend more events than 2012
  • Finish gathering the pirate Dwarfs for my WHF army

I really, truly did finish my Space Wolf army. But you'd never know it because I haven't gotten around to photographing and posting about them. But, scout's honor, they are done. I really didn't do anything other than that. I posted pretty consistently until I got crazy and decided to go back to school (full time). I think you'll forgive me for that. I neither attended more events nor finished gathering my pirate Dwarfs. AOW can take half the blame, since they're not sculpted yet.

2013 Events:
  • Running my first tournament
  • Games Day
  • NOVA Open
  • Mechanicon/Warstore Weekend
I failed all over the place on this one. But running my tournament was so much fun, that I'm doing it again (in two days). After I priced out Games Day, I came to the sad realization that I didn't have the money necessary to do it. Flying down was too expensive and I couldn't take the extra time off work needed to drive. I also missed Mechanicon, but mostly because I was too burned out from NOVA Open to do any other tournaments.

2013 Painting Goals: Not picking up any new models? AHAHAHAHAHA WHAT WHY DID I LIE TO YOU??? Actually, I think I was lying to myself more than anyone else. Sure, I finished my Space Wolves and my House Escher ladies, but good gravy, I still have a thousand unpainted models. And I bought more minis! I have resigned myself to forever being cursed with having more miniatures than I can reasonably paint.

I assure you, my 2013 Daemonette Project mini is in progress. I spent the last week of the year sick so my grand plan to finish her by NYE didn't work out so well. But, it's still January so I'm going to cheat a little. Try and stop me.

Now for the less depressing part:

2014 goals!

  • Play more. 2013 saw my playing time tank.
  • Learn some new games. I'm jumping on the Saga bandwagon. Hubs is also pushing for me to try Bolt Action, but I'm really not down with that.
  • Paint some stuff. I don't even care what it is as long as I paint something. Let's say... 10 models a month.
  • Adepticon 2014! Woop woop, it's true! I have tickets and a hotel and everything.
  • NOVA Open 2014! It's possible I won't play 40k this year (not loving it right now) but I'm definitely going to play something.
  • Historicon 2014! Almost as close as NOVA Open. I had a great time this year and I can't wait to go again.
  • Mechanicon??? I mean, I've been saying it for 3 years, what's a 4th? I might actually do it this time.

I think I am being a little more conservative with my goals this year, which is a good thing. I set way too many last year and I just couldn't keep up with it.

What hobby resolutions have you made for the new year?

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