Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stonehaven Elves!

Well, Stonehaven is at it again. Less than a month after receiving my fabulous Gnomes Kickstarter rewards, they are back with an Elven Adventurers Box set! More minis and I haven't even painted the first ones yet (because I am a terrible procrastinator).

So far, they've unlocked 10 figures from two different adventuring sets. As of this writing, the miniatures include a Druid, Pikeman, Rogue, Mage, Ranger, Librarian, Sniper, Footsoldier, and more. They also have some interesting stretch goals, including a Ent-ling! I'm just smitten with him.

Additionally, the creators have all but confirmed that there will be another Troll released as part of this project. I love the two trolls from the previous projects, so I'm all over that. Being impulsive and unable to control myself, I have gone in at the Completionist level, which gets you one of everything unlocked in the project. That will set you back $150.

But given that the Gnomes had 40ish figures (plus tons of extras for $120) and the Dwarves had 20ish figures (and also some extras for $53), I feel confident that they'll hit somewhere in the 40-50 figure mark this time around, too.

Best part- their communication post-funding is excellent and both of their previous projects arrived on time! Not enough Kickstarters can say that. Now, if like me, you already backed Reaper's Bones II with wild abandon, then you might be concerned about spending so much money "this month". Well, mini addicts, I have good news! This project doesn't fund until November 8th, so you'll have at least a paycheck in between the two to recuperate.

So if you missed the Dwarves and the Gnomes, now is the time to get in on the Elves project and avoid disappointment and jealousy! And if you're so inclined, the Dwarves are available on the Stonehaven Webstore. Gnomes will be available there soon. At the very least, check it out to see them painted up. They were painted by James Wappel so you know they look amazing.


  1. I saw this the other day. I wish I had the money for yet another Kickstarter... But with backing Adventures in the East Mark right now, I cant afford another at this time.
    I look forward to seeing your paint jobs!

  2. I could only go in on this one because the Reaper one ends this month and Stonehaven ends next month.

    Someday, I'll get these babies painted. The Dwarfs are at least cleaned and primed!


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