Friday, August 9, 2013

Update: 3 Weeks Until NOVA

Is the tournament looming and I still have models to paint? Yes.

Am I running around with my hair on fire? Yes.

Is it completely my own fault for procrastinating? Not entirely! (stupid bugs)

Here's what's left.
NOVA is in just three weeks. I have LOT of work to do still. But I've made some pretty serious strides in the last week or so.

As seen above, my Grey Hunters are all assembled, primed, and washed. So are the Long Fangs. Thus far I have been batch painting them all. I'll keep batch painting them through the first layer color (dudes on the left) and then the highlight. After that, I'll break them down into groups of ten to finish all the detail work. Otherwise, they'll get boring really fast.

As far as assembly goes, I just have the inside of one drop pod to put together and then my assembly is entirely finished. I want to make more headway on the Grey Hunters before I sit down and play with the final drop pod, but I'm hoping to assemble it and prime all of them so I can paint them next weekend.

My friend Kevin is also frantically painting his Tau for NOVA, so we've been doing a some group painting sessions. It's definitely more fun to paint with friends, especially when you have big projects like we do. Tonight we're having another one, I am hoping to get to the details on the Grey Hunters.

There's about 65 models total that I need to complete. Yeesh.


  1. After I painted 20 Fleshhounds on Saturday all I have left are 30 Pink Horrors, which I can finish tonight and Monday. Then I'll just be hanging out with Piper laughing at you 8-)

  2. I thought me putting off painting my Kroot was bad! I hope you get this all done in time for the Open!

  3. We can't all paint an entire army in two weeks.

  4. Have to! Already bought my ticket.

  5. air brush. seriously. Time for an air brush.

  6. Good luck!
    It's not as much as it looks... Take it 5 minis at a time and you'll have them done in no time.
    I'll be at NOVA Open, I look forward to seeing your army while I am there.
    and Good luck!

  7. Sadly, I have no money and no good space to use it. I'd love to get one someday, though.

  8. I have a *little* batch painting left to do before I break them into smaller groups, but 5 at a time might be better than ten.

    Glad you'll be at NOVA, what are you bringing?

  9. I wont be playing as I don't really enjoy competitive play. I am a casual beer and pretzels type of gamer.
    I'll be there working for part of the weekend, and I'll be attending several of the seminars. I'll be sure to walk the floor a few times to watch and cheer

  10. As far as batch painting goes, I've found doing all the base coat for the whole squad at once does lend more uniformity to the unit. I will then break them into 5 man sections to do the detailing. 5 models at a time makes it seem like less work... If I were to sit there staring at 10 or more models (like the 20 or so Cultists I am trying to paint now) I tend to go cross-eyed and lose interest (like said Cultists...). For me, 5 seems to be the best number.

  11. 8 games in a single weekend is a bit intense. There is beer, though :-)

  12. Beer makes everything better!
    But I'll be working... I don't think they would appreciate me being sloshed while on the clock lol
    Now, during my off hours... That'll be another story lol

  13. 6 days left. How goes it?


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