Saturday, July 6, 2013

The State of My Hobbying

In addition to the increased work hours and going back to school full time, an unexpected, dreadful thing has happened. We got bedbugs. I don't know where the buggers came from, how long they've been here, or when they'll be gone for good. It's been two weeks so far since we received confirmation, and at best, we won't be able to get back to life as usual for another week, quite possibly longer.

This whole affair has been quite the grim rollercoaster.

Among other things, this means that I can't do any hobbying. Why's that? Well, this is what bedbugs do to your life:

It's not pretty.
That is all of our hobby stuff. Minis. Paints. Brushes. Cases. Gaming Aids. Books. All of it, bagged up and piled in the middle of the hobby room. Our bedroom, kitchen, and living room are in similar disarray. And it all has to stay this way until we are re-inspected and cleared of bugs.

Unsurprisingly, this is really throwing a wrench into my tournament preparation. NOVA Open is 54 days away. Best case scenario (if we're cleared on Tuesday), I'll have 50 days to finish my army. It's going to be rough, but doable. If we aren't cleared, I'm not quite sure what happens next (other than tearing out my hair). But I'll cross that bridge if we come to it.

Please, please do yourself a favor when you travel and check your hotel beds for bedbugs. You do not want these suckers coming home with you.


  1. This is why you never leave the house...

  2. Clearly, my first mistake. Considering becoming a hermit after this.

  3. But, if you do have to go somewhere, first thing you need to do is strip naked and shove everything you took with you into a washing machine...
    But yes... the hermetic lifestyle is preferred.


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