Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tutorial: Raised Shoulder Pad Logos

My sculpting talents aren't all that great, in fact, I shouldn't even say "talent" when referring to what I've generously been calling "sculpting" on my part. So when I decided I wanted a raised Great Company logo for my Space Wolves, I was in a bit of a pickle. Then I remembered about the marvelous Blu-stuff casting material.

Remember that stuff? I reviewed it back in February. It's wonderful and makes projects like this super easy. First thing you need to find is what you want to copy. That part wasn't difficult- as soon as I saw this shield I knew I had found my GC logo:

Skull with fangs? Yes, please! Roll the two parts of the Blu Stuff together, push it over what you want to copy, and blamo!

Instant mold! Mix up your green stuff and get busy! I used a slightly higher than 1-1 yellow to blue ratio for these. I pushed a little into the mold, and then used its tackiness to pull it back out. I wet my finger very, very slightly before pushing the GS into the mold. It's a little tricky to figure out at first; you want it to be still tacky enough to pull it out of the mold without sticking tightly to your finger.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Long Overdue Long Fangs Update

As I mentioned previously, posts will be a little more infrequent, but I was hoping not to go a full month without a post. Well, c'est la vie. Despite not finding the time to update, I did manage to find the time to get a little work done on my Heresy-era Long Fangs. They're fully assembled and ready for some paint.

They're made from a mixture of Grey Hunter box pieces and the Forgeworld MKIV Heavy Support Squad. The big guns are all Forgeworld- the over the shoulder missile launchers were just too awesome to pass up. While I prefer the over the shoulder heavy bolter that comes in one of their weapons kits, these underslung ones come in a pack of five. More fiscally responsible to buy them that way.

I also managed to finish up the armor conversions on my Thunderwolf Cav riders and get them primed. The wolves themselves have been finished and painted for a bit, but I was dragging my feet on the riders. No more!

It's a little hard to see in the image, bt they all have a raised skull Great Company logo! Yes, indeed they do! I made a mold from the fanged skull on a Storm Shield from the Thunderwolf Cavalry box and used it to make many, many skulls to use as my Great Company logo. I will be doing a tutorial shortly on how I made them and how I affixed them.

Unfortunately, I have some exams soon and between them and some personal things going on, I don't know exactly I'll get to painting these guys. But my first priority is working on the rest of the Grey Hunters. They all have heads now, so that's a plus, and a right few of them even have all their arms. It's just a matter of finishing the armor and chainsword conversions.
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