Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP Wed: Wolfy Aegis Defense Line

Hobby time has been scarcer lately than usual, but I managed to get some paint onto my Aegis Defense Line. I spent a while about two weeks ago wolfing it up, but I'm just getting to painting it.

I used some spare storm shields I had to give it a little more flair. While the Sons of Russ do love the Emperor very much, I'm not crazy about the Aquila. I used some of the wolf skull bits to cover the head of the eagle, but you can still clearly see the wings, so it's a nice mesh of the two I think.

I think I'm going to do the wings in gold and the skulls in skull colors. The rivets will be bronze. I still have to highlight and wash the red. That red is ye old Mechrite Red. I just can't get the color I want with the current set of Citadel paints. I gambled on my pot lasting me through the whole army, but now it's clear that it won't. I've been having a hard time finding another one, so I might have to figure something else out for the Grey Hunters.

And, also just for kicks, here's my WIP Rune Priest. He made a magical reappearance after having been missing for a couple weeks. I had almost given up hope and replaced him. Now his armor is nearly finished, and I got started on his cloak.

There seems to be too much grey going on in the army. I thought I'd give him a white fur pelt instead of grey. I considered brown, but I seem to not do well with the brown furs, so I figured I'd try white. It may not be obvious from the photo, but his bolt pistol is an official MK IV one from FW. He's the very first of my crew to be properly equipped with Heresy weaponry.

On somewhat related note, things are getting a little crazy around here soon. Starting next week, I'm going to be doing a lot more hours at work and commuting further, and then beginning in May I'm going back to school. This will likely grind my hobby time to a full halt while I adjust. Updates here will be less frequent than usual. However, I will definitely still be on Twitter, with any army progress I can manage.

As I'm trying to play as many games as I can, I think my hobby updates will be less often, but more substantial. Hopefully, things will even out again in a couple months after I've gotten used to the new schedule.


  1. Like the wolfing-up you did on that Aegis!

  2. Thanks! There are so many bits left over from each SW kit that it was hard to choose which ones to use.

  3. I do love the space puppies. If I wasn't so invested into Dark Angels, I'd do a SW army.
    Though, I still might. I have a lot of unused Marines still after 20+ years of collecting....
    Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines... Do I really need ANOTHER Marine army?

  4. The wolf skulls work really well, I think.

  5. Liking the skull and wings combo, I think it works really well.

  6. While I love the Wolves, that seems like a lot. I try not to have TOO many projects going on at once.

  7. I'm glad you think so. I wasn't too sure about them at first.

  8. I've been a gamer since I was 11 (1983), and a minis gamer since 1993... Right now I have a Dark Angels army project, Chaos Marines army project, Warriors of Chaos army project, LOTR Galadhrim Warhost project, Protectorate of Menoth army project for Warmachine, Prussian and American fleets for Dystopian Wars, Same factions for Dystopian Legions, a Malifaux crew... All this sitting on my "TO-DO" Projects bookcase...
    What's one more Army project at this point...

  9. and to echo the others, the wolf skulls are boss.


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