Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP Wed: Fenrisian Wolves Coming Together

I started whipping out my Fenrisian Wolves in earnest this week. After my sad, sad first attempt at them a while back, I finally got the motivation/courage to give them another go. If you recall, I started their fur back in October, but the results were very discouraging. Now, two are totally finished, the rest are in various stages of progress.

The first one I finished was a grey wolf. Most of the "winter" wolves will be lighter grey than this guy when they're finished. Slightly more than half will be wintery colored.

I am pretty happy with this woods wolf. I'll do a few more similar to him, and probably a couple lighter ones, too. I wanted to have a nice variety of fur colors and it's good practice for when I do the Thunderwolves (who are next on the block).

Both of these wolves were from the ones I started ages ago but was unhappy with how their fur turned out. I'm much happier with how they look now. I did not strip them, I just grabbed two and got going again. I was a little lighter on the washes this time around and a little crisper with the drybrushing. I also used about 3 more colors.

Top left are just primed, right are the ones left over from my previous attempt, and the two down in front are ones I've improved from before. The primed batch is new, I got them for Christmas and just sat down to put them together last week. I got a little impatient and didn't put any green stuff between their body and heads.

This was a mistake.

It is far more obvious now that they're primed, but that gap is unacceptably bad. I am going to go back and either pop off the heads (if I can) or just shove some GS back there there and sculpt out some fur like I did for the first ten. I should learn from previous mistakes and just Do It Right the First Time (DIRFT?), but here we are.

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