Monday, March 11, 2013

Finished SW Venerable Dreadnought

Over the weekend, I threw as many hours as I could into working on my Space Wolf army (also rewatching West Wing, my go-to show while hobbying). NOVA is only 171 days away, and I have a lot of work to do before then and I'm trying not to waste too much time. After the basing experiments were complete and I got all the ones finished for my Fenrisian Wolves, I spent a little time touching up my Venerable Dreadnought and got him based along with two of the finished wolves.

I ended up chickening out on his banner. I don't have much free handing experience, and I honesty haven't been able to decide what I want to use as the Great Company logo for this army yet. So I skipped it.

 From the side/front, he looks a little scary, doesn't he?

On the back, you can see (not too well) his exhaust vents. I used a little weathering powder I picked up from Secret Weapon Miniatures to make it look sooty. This was my first time working with weathering powders, and I am really impressed by the results, but I definitely need to work with them more to learn their full potential.

I only have these two Fenrisian Wolves finished at the moment, but all of the bases for their comrades are complete!

Because of the way their feet are, I had to cut little notches in the cork so they'd fit in more seamlessly. Once models are finished, I just glue them in place, and cover up the connection point with a little snow. It worked out better than I hoped on the first two. More on the ice bases will come in a later post.

Hopefully I can keep up this level of enthusiasm and get the rest of the wolves finished this week. I also want to get the Thunderwolf mounts ready. Their bases are started, but not finished just yet.


  1. Great work! I can't wait to see this whole army done!

  2. I have a ticking clock, so you won't have to wait too long!


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