Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP Wed: Progress on Moria Goblins

When I did my LOTR movie/painting marathon, I got quite a bit of work done on the goblins. Despite spending nearly the entire duration of the marathon working on them, I did not get them finished. Slow painter is slow.

 But I've made improvement! You wouldn't believe how long my very first squad- ten Chaos Warhounds- took me. I got more done on these goblins in one day than I did in a month with the warhounds. That's partially because since then I've learned what batch painting is (and why it's helpful). I did the 3 parts of the skin, the black leather, and the red cloth on these guys all with batch painting. Goes by faster, but can get a bit dull.

This is my favorite of the goblins- a Prowler
Now, though, it's time to pick them up and finish them off individually. There's some details to pick out, some highlighting to do (plus the obligatory clean up) and then I'm going to give them all a nice wash with some Earthshade to give them that special bit of grime. Nearly finished, I'd say.

I also started my Barrow Wights and Bill the Pony. Bill, being a good guy, obviously isn't part of my army, but we had the blister of him and Sam laying around so I thought I'd work on them. I haven't actually painted a horse before, so he's been interesting. I painted him to match the coloration of the horse that played Bill in the movie- with the sock on his right rear leg and the blaze on his nose (fun fact- my college mascot is a horse named Blaze because of the term for color on their noses).

So far these figures have been fun to paint, but marathon painting them really burned me out on them for a little while. With all the other things sitting around primed on my painting table (more on that later) I should probably finish these guys up before I start anything new. But, you know how easily logical plans like that go right out the window.


  1. They look good, are you using them as Moria or the new Goblin town version?

  2. As Moria. I bought them and the rest of the army before the Hobbit stuff was released, but just didn't get to them until now. I like the look of these a lot more than the Goblin Town ones.


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