Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Daemonette Project

She's finally finished! I managed to sneak some hobby time in last night after a pretty busy weekend and got her based. I touched up her hair a bit to give it more contrast and cleaned up a few points where I'd been a little sloppy. 

The only major change I did was to her claw. I changed it to orange based on a Twitter suggestion. I really wasn't thrilled with the yellow.  The orange definitely does that something that the yellow didn't.

I probably spent more time on her than I did on an entire squad of ten of them originally. Soon I might be able to paint a whole squad up to this standard, but it takes me too long still. Painting slowly seems to be my curse.

The base came from the Stonehaven Miniatures kickstarter. The Dwarfs in that set came with some resin bases, but I didn't intend to base the Dwarfs with them. This was the perfect chance to use one. Unlike the GW slotted bases, the slot in this one doesn't go all the way through, so she didn't quite fit. I used my handy-dandy Dremel tool to drill the rest of it out.

Here's a comparison shot between 2012 and 2011:

Looking at them side to side really surprises me. I'm excited to do this again next year.


  1. Big improvement.
    Did you do a 2013 model?

  2. I'm working on 2013 currently, I hope to have her finished by Monday. I took a painting seminar this last weekend and didn't want to start on her until after that.


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