Monday, November 5, 2012


Today is my wedding anniversary, and when my husband and I exchanged gifts, it turned out we both got each other Warhammer gifts. Not sure what that says about us, really.

I was super spoiled with this lovely Vindicator to add to my Space Wolf army, since they are severely lacking in the vehicular department thus far. I gave Casey a copy of the shiny new Chaos Space Marines codex and a set of their physic cards.

Just for kicks, here's a list Casey and I came up with for the "Traditional" Warhammer wedding anniversary gifts. Paper is for chumps. Toy soldiers are for winners.
1st- Grot
2nd- Scout squad
3rd- Tech marine
4th- Apothecary
5th- Librarian
6th- Tactical squad
7th- Chaplain
8th- Sternguard squad
9th- Captain
10th- Rhino
15th- Razorback
20th- Stormtalon
25th- Vindicator
30th- Predator
35th- Landraider
40th- Stormraven
45th- Thunderhawk
50th- Titan
If you're ever in a bind about what gift to get that power wargaming couple in your life, hopefully this guide will see you through.


  1. I got my wife Ticket To Ride for an anniversary gift. She loved it.

  2. My husband has actually been saying I would love that game,too. Haven't played it yet, though.

  3. I love that you've got a list :-) Being a Space Wolves player myself I'd be interested to see what Wolf specific items would be on there!


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