Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Daemonette Project 2011

When I auctioned off my Chaos Daemon army last month, I did not include the twenty 3rd edition metal Daemonettes I used in the army. I am rather fond of these sculpts, and they aren't easy to come by, so I was loathe to sell them off.

I also wasn't terribly excited about them sitting around collecting dust either. But, I think I found a good way to use them without needing an entire army. They were among the first models I painted when I got started in the hobby, and on inspecting them, I realized how much my skills have improved since I painted them.

I decided it would be an interesting little project to paint one up every year, to see how my painting skills have changed. I went through my set, and picked out the one I thought was the best. The rest, I removed from their bases and dropped into a tub of Power Dissolver to strip the paint off.

Without further adieu, I present Daemonette 2011:

Once the remaining 19 are cleaned off, I'll prime one of them and paint her up as Daemonette 2012. I can't decide whether or not to paint the next one in a similar color scheme or a different one. There are some pros and cons for both. Cons certainly include not having half the paints I used in the original one, because of the GW paint switch up. Which method do you think would be best for this project?

*Update* 2012 Daemonette is finished!


  1. Ive always thought these were the best Daemonette sculpts. Wished id bought some back then as they're hard to get hold of now.

    As for painting them? Try another scheme..you might like it better.

  2. That's an excellent point. Different scheme it is, then. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I would paint them how you feel today. The color choices are also a great indicator of how much a painter has progressed in their skills.

  4. I found a box in a hobby store last summer. I tore it off the shelf as soon as I saw it. Apparently it got lost somewhere in the back and they'd just recently found it. So I scored it for MSRP instead of the $70 or so on eBay.


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