Thursday, September 27, 2012

Piper and the Yellow Dog Project

I'm not going to cross post often between my blogs, but this is one of those rare times. This is not at all Warhammer related either, and I promise this won't be a regular thing. But, to be honest, Chickhammer has a much wider reach than my other blog and this is important to me.

Piper with her new yellow ribbon.
I came across something called the Yellow Dog Project, which is aimed at helping people know when it is not ok to approach another dog with your own dog, by tying a yellow ribbon to their leash. I have a wonderful beagle named Piper who is one of these dogs. She was attacked by a dog shortly after my husband and I adopted her, and it has changed her for life. She's terrified of other dogs now- and acts out on this fear by being aggressive toward other dogs.

I wrote out Piper's whole story and more about the Yellow Dog Project in a post on my other blog, Little Thunder Lizard. Please check it out and find out more on their website. This project is being spread throughout the world- so please, pass it on.

I'll be back with a regular Warhammer update in the next few days, with progress on my Heresy Space Wolves.

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