Friday, August 24, 2012

So, I'm Selling Some Things

I am going to do a little shameless plug here because I am unloading a few things on eBay right now, and you might be interested in them or know someone who might be.

The most exciting is my entire Chaos Daemon army. If you're interested in more photos of the army, you can check them out in their post. I haven't played them regularly in over a year. They were my first army and I've loved them, but they're just not fun for me to play with anymore.

It's quite a lot of daemons, I have the whole thing listed out on the Chaos Daemon army auction. 

I'm also auctioning off the Pleasuredaemon I painted up a couple months ago. Without a Daemon army, it'll be a little silly to have this excellent Daemon Prince alternative laying around. I did a post about her back in May.

Lastly, I am throwing up an assortment of Dwarfs. I got a lot of Dwarfs last year and there were quite a few duplicates and many, many of the plastic Warriors that I am not using. I decided it was probably time to send them off to someone who will get some use out of them.

My entire list of auctions (all three of them, haha) is here. Hopefully they will fetch a good price and I can use that money to finance the rest of my Space Wolf army.


  1. Besides, why keep the Pleasure Daemon when I've found the ULTIMATE Slaaneshi Daemon Price? All other Daemon Princes better make. way.

    (It's on the shelf, awaiting my attention.)


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