Saturday, June 9, 2012

23-6-12 I Have To Make A Choice

As has long been rumor, 6th edition will be released in two short weeks. This leaves me in a bittersweet spot. On one hand, I'm phenomenally excited about this new edition . On the other, I'm wondering where this leaves my Dwarfs progress and learning Fantasy. There is no way I can learn both at once, it would be too confusing. Since I jut started in Fantasy, I don't know if I can just abandon it for the shiny new toy.

However, I know there's something to be said for picking up a new edition and learning to play it along with all your fellow club members. That is a process I did not get to participate in for 5th. I think I can gain a lot from the experience but it would mean either throwing together a Space Wolf army in record time or dusting off my Daemons. I do not have the time (or disposable income) necessary to pull that Space Wolf army off. It would be fun and awesome to try, but it's just impossible.

That means it's Daemons or sticking to Fantasy. I'm torn. I've hit the tables a bit with the Dwarfs, and I am really enjoying the mechanics of the Fantasy system. I even have one win under my belt! Even still, I am going to show up and tear a copy of 6th off the shelf on release day. Maybe after I read through it my decision will be easier. One can hope!

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