Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Minor Schism

Welcome to Chickhammer! I finally realized that it was time to split up my original blog into separate entities. The Warhammer aspect appeals to a very difference audience than the quilting (go figure) and with them divided up, I can more effectively address both hobbies.

I am very excited about this change up. I've brought over all my previous posts concerning the hobby and in about a month or so, all those posts will be taken off Little Thunder Lizard. Then it will be just all miniatures, all the time (except for LTL, of course, which will revert back to quilting and cooking).

Setting up the new site, getting everything moved over, and working out all the little kinks took up all my free time this weekend, so I didn't actually get to work on any minis. I'll be picking up the paintbrush again now that it's rocking and rollling, so there will be an update on the Dwarfs soon. I got my hands on a whole bunch of new (well, new to me) Dwarfs this past week, so I have plenty of painting candidates. I'm torn between doing a few Heros or starting the Longbeards.


  1. Ashley,

    This is awesome! My friend Erin and I are gamer girls too. We've got a podcast with our other partners in crime and would love to talk about you undertaking the adventure of mini gaming! Drop me a note when you have time thejen(at)screamingheretic(dot)com

    Looking forward to the new blog / site!

    1. Hi Jen!

      Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to chat, I'll send you an email shortly.


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