Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Very First WFB Game!

After my post about finally making up a list, I woke up yesterday morning to find a game offer from Richard. I wasn't able to make it over to the GW store to play before, so I decided to go for it, even though they weren't quite "ready". I could have kept using that excuse for another couple weeks, but dammit, they're playable now. I needed a kick in the pants, and got one, so we played!

This combat got more complicated before it was resolved.
It turned into the single longest game I have ever played. We went for nearly 6 hours. Since I had only skimmed over the rule book, we got into a lot of the nitty-gritty details. When learning 40k, I found that reading the rules out of the book and then trying to play later was confusing. This time, the learning-as-we-went approach worked out much, much better.

I cannot thank Richard enough for his endless patience, particularly toward the end when we had the most complicated close combat situation I can imagine. I definitely learned a lot about how Fantasy works and the strengths/weaknesses of my Dwarfs.

The list I ran is the one I put up a few days ago, with just a few tweaks related to my inability to count up points correctly. When I plugged it all in, I realized I was 40 points over. Oops. I found some changes I want to make, mostly with the runes since I can't really do much about the physical makeup of my units yet.

The Slayers did about as much Slaying as I expected, which was great. I was really surprised by the Miners, though. Since my Dwarfs are pretty slow, having them be able to pop up from any table edge is really useful. I might flesh them out to 15 if I keep getting good results.

I have another game planned for next week, hopefully everything I learned won't have leaked out of my brain by then.

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