Monday, March 19, 2012

Dwarfs Update: Now in Smaller Piles

I've been making some decent progress with my Dwarf army in the past few weeks. My Slayers are mostly finished, I have a BSB, and now I have a nice Lord to lead the army (for now):

He's even based!
I realized it was probably time to split up the large pile of primed Dwarfs into their individual units, so I could work on them one group at a time, like I did for the Slayers.

This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would. I have several older models I can't identify and realized I have duplicates of ones I don't need more than one of. After all was said and done I ended up with 6 less daunting, but still largely unpainted piles.

Their skin is all done, so at least that's over!
For this army, I have:

32 Slayers (including Gotrek, 2 banners, 2 musicians, Daemon Slayer & Dragon Slayer)
12 Long Drong Slayer Pirates (including Long Drong, musician, and banner)
17 Miners (including 2 musicians and banner)
16 Ironbreakers (including banner)
20 Longbeards (no musician or banner)
2 Dwarf Lords with Hammer & Shield
1 Dwarf Thane with Army Battle Standard
2 Dwarf Runelords with Staff
1 Dwarf Lord
2 Dwarf Master Engineers with Great Weapon
8 misc old metal cannon crew
2 old metal bolt gun crew

Now the stuff I don't know:
2 Horn-helmed guys holding hammers in armor, one has a pipe and pouch on his belt. They're oddly similar, with only slight differences.
3 guys holding spears, in armor
4 misc guys with hammers (one holding a standard)
1 guy with a mace & shield
3 holding axes, one musician
3 with swords, one's a standard bearer
1 guy holding a gun

I also have most of the pieces of 2 cannons, a grudgestone thrower, and a bolt gun but they're not at all well put together. I might have to replace them all, depending on what pieces are missing. I also have parts from the metal Anvil of Doom, and a complete finecast kit.

I think it's a good foundation for making some starter lists, but I might need to fill it out a little later. I'm not sure how the points are going to work out for everything, nor do I really know what I want to take. I also have no idea what to do with the dudes I can't identify.

Now that I have them listed out, it'll make it easier to start thinking about lists and what I need to make it a well rounded army. I think I need more Longbeards. I have to order some more bases, too, since I ran out already. Doing up the bases takes a while, I'll need a good three days to get them all done.

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