Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer

I completely forgot to submit this guy for Miniature Monday on Twitter, so I thought to make up for it I'd do a little post just about him.

Thought it was time for a blond.
I picked this model up a couple weeks ago when I stopped by the local GW store. I had to do a lot of touch-ups to the banner with some Liquid Green Stuff.* His beard is a little less orangy in person, but I used the yellow base, Golden Yellow, Baal Red wash, and then a highlight of Golden Yellow to achieve that color.

His chainmail edging and the inside of his cloak are done with a blue cloth (Royal Blue, Ice Blue highlight, Blue wash) and Dwarf Bronze trim.

The furry part of his cloak proved interesting. I used Catachan green as the base color. I highlighted it with Fortress Grey, washed with black, and then did a second highlight of the Fortress Grey on top. I think it's the most realistic looking piece of cloth I've ever painted.

I had a really fun time painting this guy up. He was a nice change of pace from doing Slayers. All the Slayers have their hair and skin painted, which I batch painted. Now I'm finishing each one up individually. They take about an hour to finish a piece, so I have about 23 more hours of Slayer painting left. It sounds really ominous when put that way. No wonder they're taking me so long.

*He's Finecast, but I must say, there's nothing fine about it. The banner was just a mess. I've been getting burned a lot by Finecast lately. Hubby gave me an Anvil of Doom for Valentine's Day (I'm so spoiled) and it was even worse than this guy. The worst of them all was the Dweller in the Dark I picked up for Lord of the Rings. Not only was that model covered in bubbles, but it was all warped, too.

I'd heard lots of complaining about the Finecast, but I picked up an Abaddon when it first came out, and the quality was astonishing. All the details were very crisp and nothing was missing because of air bubbles. I feel sort of upset about the Liquid Green Stuff, because they put it out to help solve a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place. It is, however, fantastic for filling in gaps on metal models, too.

As much of a pain as the metal can be, they were usually cast well and you never lost the details because of bubbles. The Finecast ones take less time to shave off mold lines and glue together (if that's even necessary for the kit), but it's lost in all the time spent fixing it with LGS or going back to see if GW will replace it with one that isn't messed up. I'm pretty conflicted about the changeover now.

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