Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer

I completely forgot to submit this guy for Miniature Monday on Twitter, so I thought to make up for it I'd do a little post just about him.

Thought it was time for a blond.
I picked this model up a couple weeks ago when I stopped by the local GW store. I had to do a lot of touch-ups to the banner with some Liquid Green Stuff.* His beard is a little less orangy in person, but I used the yellow base, Golden Yellow, Baal Red wash, and then a highlight of Golden Yellow to achieve that color.

His chainmail edging and the inside of his cloak are done with a blue cloth (Royal Blue, Ice Blue highlight, Blue wash) and Dwarf Bronze trim.

The furry part of his cloak proved interesting. I used Catachan green as the base color. I highlighted it with Fortress Grey, washed with black, and then did a second highlight of the Fortress Grey on top. I think it's the most realistic looking piece of cloth I've ever painted.

I had a really fun time painting this guy up. He was a nice change of pace from doing Slayers. All the Slayers have their hair and skin painted, which I batch painted. Now I'm finishing each one up individually. They take about an hour to finish a piece, so I have about 23 more hours of Slayer painting left. It sounds really ominous when put that way. No wonder they're taking me so long.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gotrek Gurnisson, Master Slayer and All Around BAMF

My Dwarf army is progressing, slowly but surely. Now that I've settled (finally) on how to go about painting their signature red locks, I have finished the granddaddy of all Slayers- Gotrek.

Only a gold eyepatch would do.
All my Slayers (the whole army, actually) will be based in a similar emerald-green fashion. The base itself is a little bit of white mixed with Goblin Green under a layer of Snot Green/Catachan Green mix that I sponged on.

The green stone is actually a bit of shell. I found a whole bag of assorted shell bits in that lovely green color at the craft store. It turned out to be exactly what I needed to base my Dwarfs. Some of them are too big, so I have to break them up a little. I'll take any excuse to smash things into smaller things.
Still not sold on the yellowy pants.
For the sake of fluff (I love me some good fluff), I may end up adding some tattoos on him. But, I'm not sure my freehand skills are up for the task. We shall see.

Sadly, Felix is no where to be seen. Gotrek will have to make up his own epic poems for now.
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