Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The CSMs That Weren't

Since my Chaos Daemon army was more or less complete in June, I started thinking about my next army. Hubby-to-be seems to change armies as often as he changes his socks. He has gone through so many armies, even in the past year, I couldn't tell you, but I'm still hung up on my Daemons. It could be just nostalgia over them being my first Warhammer army.

But, in part due to the new Grey Knights codex, I really can't play my Daemons in a competitive way right now. Since the release of the codex in April, I've been to three tournaments and they were all choked with Grey Knight players. In fact, Blob's Park was about 1/3 Grey Knights. It's still unbelievable to me that I managed to not play even one, but in July I played a tournament where 3 of my 4 opponents were Grey Knight players.

One of my Chosen
So, I thought it was time to start a new army and Chaos Space Marines seemed a logical choice. Since I could use quite a few of my Daemon models in it, I thought the army would come together pretty quickly. And they did. I built them, primed them, and had a good part of their painting done by the time we moved into the new apartment.

I played some games with them (mostly against a friend who plays Imperial Guard). In each of the games, they just fell right over. If I wasn't able to get in cover, they basically just instantly died to his tank shooting, except for Abaddon who is a tough customer. A few times the games were over before the end of turn 3 and they might have been over sooner if he hadn't been rolling terribly.

After having the Daemonic invulnerable saves, the armour saves of the Marines just made them seem like wet paper. And after the 3 CSM players at Blob's Park, I can definitely say I had an advantage by being the "real" Daemonic deal, even if they did have more shooting.

It's hard to tell, but they are all on water bases.
So, even though the army is entirely assembled I don't think I will be playing them again any time soon unless I decided to pony up for some vehicles. I definitely understand why people hide their guys in tanks now, it's the only way they can survive long enough to do any damage or hold objectives.

I've got the majority of the army all ready painted up in the Black Legion colors. I don't know if I want to finish them and hang onto them for later or if I want to finish them and see if I can sell them. Hubby-to-be has sold a few armies and gotten enough money to buy his next one, so I may give that a try for my next army. I'm thinking Space Wolves with lots of Thunderwolf Cavalry.

For now, they're just going to have some alone time while I consider my options.


  1. Once you go black, you don't go back. This is the only truth in 40k I've come across. Or then it's just me. I've got Eldar, GK, SW, Orks, DH, BT, SoB, regular Marines and I'm pretty sure I forgot something here. Now I'm selling everything but the CSM and Demons since the others are just too...plain. There's no flavor in the other armies. Well, IG has it's fun factor and so do the Tyranids, but honestly, there's just not enough variation there. With Chaos you can convert almost what ever you want and it's ok, it's by the book. Think if painting 60-200 figures that are essentially copies of each other. That's SM and horde armies (other than CSM) for you.

    I think you should build on what CSM you have if you still have them. You can not lose that way, ever, in any way, outside the gaming table. The only, and I can not be clear enough about this, the only "down side" of chaos of any kind is that there is no cheese or auto-win-buttons for chaos. With chaos one wins with skill, many other armies can just "face roll" over the table and never lose. When you win, you know you deserved to win because you were a better gamer that time. :)

    This is from a veteran from the Rogue Trader era.

    (As a side note, play any army you see as the most fun army.)

  2. All this happened before 6th ed came out, let alone the new CSM codex. In that time, I've actually sold my Daemons and moved on to a Heresy-era Space Wolf conversion army.

    With the new CSM codex, it's definitely worth taking another look at the army I had started (they're still hanging around), but I'm pretty committed to the Wolves. They're nearly finished and they're what I plan on taking to a big tournament in August. Perhaps in the grim dark future, when I'm looking for another army, I'll check them out again.

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