Monday, September 26, 2011

Slaanesh Chaos Daemons

I decided that since I put so much time into retouching my army for Blob's Park that it was high time I took some actually nice photos of them. I broke out my little lighting setup, but the battery for my DSLR was dead, so I had to take the pictures with my phone camera. Oh well.

A Reaper model that I use for Karanak.
I was surprised how many people picked up my Karanak model at Blob's. He got way more attention than any of my other models. He's Reaper's Hound of Judgement model, and I think he fit in much better with my Chaos Warhounds than the Game's Workshop Karanak.

I used Chaos Warhounds for my Flesh Hounds
I chose the Chaos Warhound models over the Flesh Hound ones because I had a Slaanesh theme in mind, and these fit with the sleek Daemonettes far better. I managed to get my hands on a box of the old metal Warhounds, so I have a really good variety between the two units I generally run.

I love the plastic Seekers that came out last year.
What I really love about this kit is that there are all new heads and arms for the rider instead of the same ones as the Daemonette kit. There are so many extra bits that I was able to mix them into my Daemonettes to give them a little more variety (though they had plenty on their own). And even though they are a pain to pack up, I am just smitten with the extra large claws in this kit.

I have 50 of these feisty ladies now
The only thing with the Daemonettes is I should have taken a picture of a metal one. I have about half plastic and half of the really nice, "sexy" metal ones they stopped making a while back. I think the metal ones look better over all, but their arms are always falling off and they only have 5 poses. I really appreciate the versatility of the plastic kit (and that their arms stay on).

He's tougher than his pink claws imply.
Until recently, this was the favorite of my models. He's the one I spent the most time painting, and he was really my centerpiece model. I'd like to point out that he was also my first converted piece. It's a small thing, but the tongue he has came from the alternate head that comes in his kit. I liked the tongue, but didn't like the head it was attached to. Hubby-to-be was kind enough to pin it together for me.

My new favorite.
My Keeper is special, but I am so in love with this new model, my mounted Herald of Slaanesh. It uses three kits: the mount from the Fantasy Lord of Slaanesh, the whip from the Fantasy Skweel Gnawtooth, and a rider from the Seeker of Slaanesh kit. I clipped the feet and legs of the rider off the saddle of the Lord model, sculpted a saddle blanket underneath the saddle, and molded some green stuff to make the saddle suit the new rider.

I used pieces from a Slaanesh standard pole I had laying around to create the whip handle. I clipped and smoothed off the spikey bits from the whip, and then pinned it to the piece of the standard that had the Daemonette hand. I put a pin into the saddle and a hole in the rider, so she's removable for easy transport. I had so much fun putting this model together. It's my first and only real conversion, but it came out better than I expected.

Daemon Prince of Tzeench
I have an old school Azazel model, but I really needed two Daemon prince models to make my list work. GW was kind enough to oblige me with an awesome new plastic kit last October, right around the time I was looking for one. This kit is slamming. There are so many options, you can almost make two complete Princes out of the kit. If I had the skill, I would sculpt myself another torso and a back, and then I'd still have a bunch of heads and weapons to choose from. Fantastic.

Everyone hate Flamers but me :'(
My Flamers get a bad rap. I usually run them as a squad of three, and at first they're pretty innocuous. Then I deep strike them in the a squad's face, and blow away most of them with Breath of Chaos. Then they usually die because a 4+ invuln save isn't enough to save them from the next shooting phase. A few lucky times they live longer to do a little more damage, but most often, they take out a good 200 or more points, and they only cost me 105, so I feel they're worth it.

With a little variation, these are generally the models I run in my lists. They are all ones I took to Blob's Park. I also run a squad or two of Fiends, but they are not photogenic. I have one of the current version, and 6 of the 20-year-old 'mini' ones (I call them Mama Fiend and baby Fiends). Sometimes I also use the Masque of Slaanesh, but only if I think Pavane might come in handy.


  1. Just found you on the 11th company podcast. This blue effect you have going on here how did you do it?

  2.  The blue effect on the Daemonettes or on the Hound of Judgement? They were done a little differently, so I'll tell you about both. For the Hound, I base coasted him white and took Enchanted Blue (not sure what the new equivalent is) and painted it from his nose toward his back, progressively thinning the blue with water as I went along to get the lighter effect. I gloss coated him after to make him appear a little ethereal.

    For the Daemonettes, I did sort of the opposite. I based them blue and added the white over it. I thinned it out with water a little to help it blend where it met the blue. This took a lot longer to make it look nice than the Hound did, and since I rush painted the last 1/2 of my Daemonettes , not all of them look the best. Some day, I might go back and touch them up. Hope that answers your question!

  3. That Karanak looks amazing!

  4. Thanks! I kind of regret selling him, he was one of the first models I ever really used blending on.


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