Sunday, September 25, 2011

Battle At Blob's Park Report

This is only the second big tournament I've been to, but even so I ran into a number of people I met at the Colonial GT in April. It was nice to catch up with them while I was between games. The next big event coming up is Mechanicon, but we won't make it because that is the same weekend Hubby-to-be and I are getting hitched (priorities, priorities).

The venue wasn't quite what I expected. It was essentially a large pavilion. There was little seating, so I was glad I brought a fold-up chair, even though there wasn't room to use it most of the day. The food was decent and cheap, and they had a nice Oktoberfest beer on tap. However, it was awfully humid all day, and that definitely put a damper on how I felt.

Of the 4 games, I had 2 good ones, a not so good one, and a great one. I had a close loss, a tabling, and two major victories. It was 14 points for a win, 9 for a loss, and potentially 6 bonus points. My first game was the close loss. It was against a very nice Chaos Space Marines player, and until the last turn it was very close. I ended up with 12 out of a possible 20 points. He had an Abaddon, and that's a mean guy to beat.

Yes, I charged that poor Abaddon with 30 Daemonettes.
Although sending two squads of Daemonettes after him was over kill, Abaddon is really a tough customer. He had already taken out a whole squad of my Flesh Hounds, and he would have just kept tearing up my guys if I hadn't done something. I also got a lucky immobilization and an even luckier wreck on his land raiders early on with one Daemon Prince. That was crucial, since my Daemon list pretty much falls over to land raiders.

The second game was also against CSMs and it was the tabling. I only got nine points out of this game. It was not a very good game at all. My 3rd game, believe it or not, was also against Chaos Space Marines, but against a fellow club member, Kevin. Really nice guy, really nice game.

I feel really bad about the beating I gave him because we had both lost two tough games already. But, this game really illustrated what I feel is the main strength of my army build: who's going to be able to kill 90+ models with invulnerable saves? His list did not have too many vehicles, and mine does well when I don't need to tear through Rhinos and Land Raiders. I really think that's why it was one sided. I got 14 points for the win and 5 bonus points out of this game.

The last one was probably the most fun. Coincidentally, that was when I started turning in my beer tickets. My opponent was a great guy, but already half lit. Neither of us were in the running for any prizes (or so I thought), and we had a low-key, really fun game (we invoked Beerhammer a few times). I ended up with another 19 points out of this game, because his Storm Ravens couldn't handle two Daemon Princes with Bolt of Tzeench.

Like my 3rd game, I feel part of the reason I did well is because he did not have much in the way of vehicles. I think my army came in a little bit like a swarm for both of my last two games. The half of my army that came in first turn was about equal to the number of models in their whole army. So, once the rest of the army came in over the next few turns, it got a little hairy.

Out of a total possible points of 80, I got 59. I certainly did better this time than at the Colonial and I got 2 wins, which is what I wanted. I figured if I broke even, I could call it a good tournament. The free beer and good company was a big bonus. It was nice to meet some new people and catch up with old opponents.

The prize support was incredible. They gave out a box to the best general of each army, for both 40k and Fantasy. Somehow, I managed to pull out Best Chaos Daemons General (for 40k), so I walked off with a box of Blood Crushers (blood for the blood god!). I was pretty certain I was out of the running for that award because of my two loses, but I guess someone else had a bad run of it. I've never won anything before, so this was pretty exciting. I can't wait to paint them up!

I have one serious gripe about the event and that's how painting was judged. In the middle of my 3rd game and during my turn, this guy was checking out the models on my display board. I thought, cool, someone is checking out my army. Then he asked me for my player ID number and wrote it down on a piece of paper because he was paint judging.

Uh, what? He didn't even glance at the models I had in play on the table, which was about 65% of my army, since we were on turn 4. Not only did he just look at only part of my army, but because I was in the middle of the game, those on the board weren't organized. He missed all of my converted pieces. I worked really hard on repainting my models, and even though I wasn't ever going to win best painted, I sure would like to get a fair and decent look.

They haven't posted the scores yet, so I don't know quite where exactly I fell in the ranks or what my painting score will be. I'm not saying I was scored lower because not all of my pieces were judged, but only that I want my fair shake. I certainly should not have scored higher because of it, but that could have been the case. That isn't fair to the people who did have their whole armies judged.

Based on two wins, two loses, I probably fell in the middle of the pack. I actually think I did a little better than Hubby-to-be, by only maybe 2-3 points. He played Tyranids this weekend, and he says they're not a strong competitive army, but I think he did well over the day.

The official results are in. With 59 battle points and 9 points in painting, I placed 23rd over all out of 72. I really thought I had done better in painting, but apparently not. I don't understand how I did worse than I did at the Colonial, because they actually look a lot better now than they did then. I have a lot more conversions and they've all been touched up or completely repainted. Hubby-to-be placed 35th over all.

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