Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dawn of the Airbrush

 It's been a busy month at chez Chickhammer. I started a fantastic new job and I've found a new love- the airbrush. A woman has needs, don't judge.

Just playing around.
 I've been working on a Dark Angels commission (largely Ravenwing Bikers) and the client had an airbrush which he kindly let me borrow. I used it for ten minutes and I was in love. I base coated the entire fleet (I say fleet because there's like 50 of them) in a little over half an hour.

Base coated!
 I decided to make the bikes a very dark grey and the power armor legitimately black, to create a little bit of contrast. I thought all black everything just looked incredibly flat. The airbrush was immensely helpful in this endeavor. I managed to do all the dark grey and the white with the airbrush, after some masking off at least.

 Then they were ready to start the brush work.

 I had a little bit of an issue with overspray with the white, but not nearly as much as I had expected. It's so unfortunate that these are largely Dark Vengeance models, because those jerks are attached to their bikes. Makes it a lot harder to airbrush them.

 Fortunately, I also have a bunch of Black Knights to do and they are blessedly separate pieces. I've gotten a good bit of them done so far and I can't wait to start working on the Apothecary. Looking forward to the challenge of the white on him.

 This airbrush has really changed my entire outlook on painting. It's going to save me a ton of time, and can do things I haven't even begun to try. I can't wait to see what other amazing things I can get done with the airbrush. My initial thoughts turn to Smaug...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Raging Heroes TGG Freebie Rewards

About 2 years back, Raging Heroes launched their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter. It was scheduled to deliver last year, but due to its wild popularity, it has been delayed. They simply were unable to produce that volume of miniatures in the allotted time. There are worse problems to have, I'm sure. A lot of people have received minis already, but I opted to wait for one whole shipment, so I had none. Until now!

Raging Heroes has just launched a new Kickstarter, for Sisters of Eternal Mercy, Lust Elves, and Dark Elves, each in Sci-Fi and Fantasy versions. They felt terrible about starting a new one before finishing delivery of their first (though I understand their motivations), so they decided to ship out the first Kickstarter's freebie minis to everyone who backed the project for free.

I was already ecstatic about their new Kickstarter TGG2 (go check it out, there is still time to back it through Paypal even though the campaign is over) but now I've actually received my freebies from the first one. Well, it's actually been about two weeks since they arrived, I am woefully behind on posting this.

They are SO wonderful, I can't wait to get all the Sisters of Eternal Mercy in the current project. There were 14 freebies in all, 11 ladies and 3 mascots. All the freebies came in resin, though you could select metal or resin for the other rewards. I opted to risk getting them all in resin (mystery resin can be really hit or miss, usually miss). But I am so glad that I did, because they're stunning.

The details are crisp and they look even better in person than they did in the images they've shared with us, or in these images either.

Faceless Mother, front.
Faceless Mother, back.
I just pulled out just a few to photograph, but there's a lot more. How could I possibly choose which one to paint first?

 Particularly charming are the mascots for each of the three factions. They also included mascots for the factions in TGG2 as well. Harry the baby hippo might be my favorite.

Like so many other projects, these are sadly sitting in the painting queue. I'm knee-deep in Ravenwing bikers right now but as soon as they're finished it will be time for some personal projects.

I'm a little behind because I got a new job (yay!!) and I'm busy trying to wind down with old clients and ramp up with new ones. But this new job means more money (aka more minis) and more free time to spend with said minis. The best of all possible outcomes, really.
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