Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Huzzah RTT 1/31 Recap

The monthly tournament at my local FLGS was this past weekend, and it was hopping! Usually there's around 12 players. This time, 31 people showed up. Must be tournament season! I know I'm trying to make sure I get in a whole bunch of games before Adepticon.

My first game was against a whole bunch of Heretics. Forgeworld units were allowed, so there were some crazy things on a few tables.

Unfortunately, the Sons of Russ didn't do very well. That was sort of the theme of the day, really. My second game was really fun, with some hot Drop Pod on Drop Pod action.

I really like the caution lines he painted on the leaves his pods. Definitely going to take some time to do that to mine. It's sharp. It was a little tricky during the game though, remembering that no, not all of these grey and red drop pods are yours.

The third game was against Necrons, old book. I've not played them too many times, but bleh. Just bleh on them. I started out strong by killing his Warlord, which was also first blood, but things just totally went to hell after that. My new big unit of 5 Thunderwolves really tore them up, though, they didn't always stay dead. I'm really liking this beefier Thunderwolf unit. They're an iron fist if ever there was one.

My Knight didn't see a whole lot of action throughout the day. I dunno what it is about that guy, I think I'm just bad at using him. I'm not taking him to Adepticon, though, so it's no big thing. The Friendly is 1500 points and, well, supposed to be friendly, so I've opted to leave him at home. More points for wolves!

It was nice to see some old friends as well as to meet a whole bunch of new people, too. I got to play three good games with three new people which is just the best. And maybe I even learned a thing or two. I'm really looking forward to next month's event.


  1. Next one is Feb 28th, so mark your calendar!

  2. Marked! That is basically the sat after LVO, so will see!

  3. I am a female and I am saving up for my starter stuff. I haven't picked a specific game, but I want to start table top war gaming. I am going to a game shop to watch one in action tonight. Friends thin I am nuts, but since I saw people playing Warhammer back in the 90's when my dad and I dropped my brother and his friends off to play Magic, I have never stopped thinking about it. I think I am starting so late because I was too scared of how others would perceive me if I started gaming.

  4. It's only as expensive as you let it get... (but don't quote me on that when I publish my next post). It might be my "don't give a f**k" attitude, but who cares if you play wargames? Do you like them? Are you having fun? That's all that matters. Go get your game on!


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