Monday, November 24, 2014

Adepticon Fever!

Registration day is upon us! If you haven't registered already, it's not too late (for some things). The event runs March 19th - March 22nd and is taking place at a brand new venue. I was lucky enough to score a VIG Badge, which I am very excited about (even if I haven't seen concrete evidence of what it includes this year).

I also managed to get in to every event and seminar I wanted. And boy, do I have a PACKED schedule. 

Thursday: Painting Freehand Patterns & Painted Weathering Techniques
Friday: Warhammer 40K Friendly the 13th
Saturday: US Saga Grand Melee (Day 2) & Maximizing your Tournament Appearance Score
Sunday: Introduction to Competitive Painting & Glazing: A Versatile Technique

Who needs to sleep? Or eat? Or... shop? Oh no, did I schedule away all my shopping and demo time? Noooo! Nah, I'm sure I'll find plenty of time to spend all my money.

Is it March yet? I am just STOKED. I was able to book the on-site hotel room, too, so now everything but my flight has been taken care of. I was seriously tempted to buy my plane tickets tonight but I decided to wait a little longer to see if they go down in price a bit.

Unfortunately, this will probably be my last Adepticon for some time, because I won't be able to take time off during tax season for a while after this year. Oh well. I like paying the bills.

Are you going? What events are you playing in?


  1. I'm contemplating signing up, but I'm not 100% yet. Not sure what my fiancé will do the whole time but I'm worried she'll be bored if she comes. She's not into tabletop, but likes board games pretty well. By the time I order my tickets, I'm thinking most of the seminars I want will be sold out as well (most already are). The upside is I can drive to Chicago in about 5 hours or less and I don't mind cheap hotels. So I might go and basically bum around and just not do seminars. I don't know. Decisions, decisions.

  2. Seminars sold out super fast last year, I made sure to get the ones I wanted ASAP this time around. As for your fiance, I imagine that unless she's interested in open gaming or paining, she won't have much to do. There will be demos, too, but they're mostly table top games.

  3. I think I'm skipping this year after all. Thanks for the tip, and take lots of pics so I can decide whether to go next year or not.


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