Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Saga Bretons

I've been meaning to post some photos of these guys for ages and ages. They were finished back in March, I took them to Adepticon in April and then... I forgot to photograph them until now. I'm pleased with how my Bretons turned out, although they did take a lot of work (well, mostly the bridles).

They are a very cavalry-heavy army, so lots and lots of horses! I have 25 mounted guys, so it was really like painting 50 figures, plus all my levies.

My Breton Warriors.
All these figures are the ones made by Gripping Beast (not a great website). I got their 4 point starter set and a couple blisters to expand them out to 6 points. Sadly, these models are all metal. I spent an inordinate amount of time taking the horse's bridles and splitting them down the center to separate the bridles because it would look better.

Before and after on the bridles.
 It does look better, it really does, but wow it added about 30 hours to the assembly and prep stage of getting these guys done. I drilled several holes in the middle of the part I wanted to remove, used my clippers to cut the majority of it out, and then used metal files to shape them properly.

Close up on the Warroirs.
 The banner came from Little Big Men Studios, as part of the Breton shield transfer sheet. If you ever need transfers for something like this, I highly recommend them. They were wicked easy to use and they all look stunning. They have ones for all kinds of different systems and factions. I also used the round ones on my Warriors, although those were Saxon shields and didn't quite fit (too small). I got them because they were in the store, at the moment I wanted them, so no regrets.

Hearthguard and their Warlord.
I had a really fun time playing in the Saga tournament at Adepticon, although you wouldn't know it since it took me until now to write about it. But all my games were really enjoyable. The scenarios we did were very fun, too. My favorite one had both Warlords locked in combat in the center of the table, and the rest of the battle fought on around them. 

My Warlord on his dapple grey horse.
His shield was the only one I painted myself, partly out of necessity. The transfer sheet only had enough kite shields for my 8 Hearthguard. I wanted to make it fancier, but I couldn't come up with a design I liked.

These are my Battle Levies. They're no joke.
These Levies are not some wormy peasants, but battle-hardened men who back down to no one. Normally, Levies aren't great. But these guys have single-handedly killed several units of Hearthguard, Warriors, and very nearly killed a Warlord. They needed a little help from the Hearthguard to finish off that Warlord, but they did survive the encounter (well, a few of them).

At the moment, I don't have plans to start another Saga army. I have too many things going on. But I am looking forward to their newest supplement release, The Crescent & the Cross, which will feature Crusaders and Saracens and four additional factions as well as some new scenarios. Last I heard its release was imminent, but hopefully soon.

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