Thursday, February 27, 2014

Joining The Shell Case!

Wonderful news, my friends! Phil over at the Shell Case has asked me to join as a contributor. And who am I to say no? Although, the lavish compliments he gave me certainly didn't hurt his case. I am incredibly excited to get started working with the fine mess of fellows Phil has assembled over there.

But what about Chickhammer? Well, I don't foresee this having any impact on the number of articles I put here. I'm happy with the pace things are going here. For the first time ever, I have articles written and queued up to publish, and that's keeping things at a steady place. Plus, there's lots going on in my personal hobbying as well as the Hobby itself, so I certainly have plenty to go on about!

At first, it will be just about an article a month from me over at the Shell Case, but there's lots to check out from the rest of the gang as well. Go ahead and give them a look. I'll also being carrying on with ODAM podcast as usual, so don't forget to give that a listen as well! I especially recommend Episode 11 if you want to hear me swear about Tyranids a lot.

On a personal note, it turns out I will be graduating a semester early (yay!) so things will be progressing quite a bit faster than I anticipated. Fortunately, it all starts rolling after Adepticon. Things are smoothing out and I've finally hit a good balance with this work-and-school plan I've embarked on. It's shaping up to be one hell of an awesome year.

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