Monday, February 10, 2014

2013 Daemonette Project

A little late, but better than never, right? I got sick, had exams, blah blah blah. I get it, I suck, but whatever. She's done. Here's my 2013 Daemonette.

I tried some of the techniques I learned at the painting class in December. I was pretty disappointed to discover that the two brush blending technique doesn't work at all with the GW paints. So all the blending here I did with a sort of modified (read: time consuming) technique. It worked, but not as well.

 The back shows off the blending in the fabric far better than on the front. I'm not entirely sold on her hair. I wanted to highlight it more to white, but thought it might be too much. I may go back and add a little more highlight later.

I used some of the Games Workshop grass tufts on her base. On their own, they don't stick very well but a little super glue solved that right up. The really disappointing part, though, was that the foam the grass is attached to is white. Distractingly white, even blindingly white against the earthy ground on the base. But I took a little bit of the brown wash to it and that colored up really nicely. It blends in much better now, and looks more natural to boot.

All three Daemonettes so far.
  I noticed a funny thing, I've used purple on all my Daemonettes so far. I'm going to avoid using it on this year's model (who I will definitely start in November instead of the last week of December). I think 2013 doesn't look as nice in the photo as compared to 2012, but in person they look about the same, in terms of quality, to me.

You can check these links for more on the Daemonette Project and the 2012 Daemonette.

I am pleased with the mini overall but incredibly displeased with the photos. I gotta do something about my camera and light set up. Currently, my nice SLR is visiting with my father for some business related photo shoots, so I can't do anything about that. But I really need to make a dedicated photo-taking space and get some better lights. Anyone have suggestions in that regard?


  1. Where's the group shot? I know we can look at the links but not the same as having a side by side shot

  2. You can blend just fine with GW paints; they just have to be thinned to do so.

    I've gotten much better results overall (GW old, new, P3, V[M|G]C) by working off of a wet palette, which has gone a long way towards making me thin my paints down enough.


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