Friday, November 15, 2013

Stonehaven Gnome Scholar

I finished this little guy about two weeks ago but just finally got around to taking some nice photos of him. He came from Stonehaven Miniatures, as part of their Gnome Kickstarter. They arrived in the beginning of October and I've already painted two minis from the set.

 I really bought these guys just to paint them. So I thought it'd be fun to put him on a big ol' tree stump (that I picked up for $1 at Historicon). The big stump also meant a big base- he's on a 60mm, even though the Gnome is only about the size of my thumbnail.

The leaves on the base came from Secret Weapon Miniatures. They make some cool stuff, including these leaves in several color varieties.

He'll probably end up becoming some weird NPC in a game of Savage Worlds eventually. But for now, he's just part of my miniature shelf, hanging out with some Daemonettes, Fenrisian Wolves and Moria Goblins.


  1. You guys play Savage Worlds? Awesome. I love that game.

  2. We've run a few different SW campaigns, I really enjoy it. My favorite was Deadlands.

  3. Deadlands is fun. I used to play their minis game back when it was still out... Sad to see it go, it was great. I only think I have one mini left from that army....
    The only SW I've gotten to play was in a few Space 1889 one-shots. Being one of my favorite settings of all time, I was glad it got an SW treatment. I cant wait till the new Space 1889 using the Ubiquity System from Hollow Earth Expedition. Really sad I missed out on their Kickstarter...


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