Sunday, November 17, 2013

Killin' All Your Dwarves: Moria Goblins

Started these guys back in January during our fun LOTR movie and painting marathon. They only needed another five hours to finish, and I finally decided it was time to just rock them out. I'm glad I did, it feels good to have something else in the "painted" column.

First up are the Prowlers, because they're my favorite:

I went for the classic Moria Goblin look, why mess with a good thing? The deep red against their green skin looks really sharp.

 These two crack me up. I don't know what's so amusing about them, but sheesh, they make me laugh.

 All my fancy metal leaders. I like the feel of the metal ones more- I don't know what it is about the weight of them that makes them feel better than plastic.

The whole gang isn't quite as big as I'd like it to be. It's looking likely that I'll be playing LOTR at Adepticon (got my tickets and booked my hotel, woot woot!). It only "looks" like it, because I'm on the wait list for the doubles 40k tournament which is during the same time, but which I would prefer to play. So, for the moment, I'm treating is as though I'm playing LOTR and getting these guys ready.

In preparation for that, I should probably get another box of Goblins. I need to base my Barrow Wights, but they're painted. Primed but unpainted are some Dead Marsh Spectres, Tainted on Mount (Foot is already painted), and a Dweller in the Dark. Not an impossible number of things to paint by any measure. I keep putting off the Dweller because I simply cannot decide how I want to paint him. But I have some time to sort him out.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Stonehaven Gnome Scholar

I finished this little guy about two weeks ago but just finally got around to taking some nice photos of him. He came from Stonehaven Miniatures, as part of their Gnome Kickstarter. They arrived in the beginning of October and I've already painted two minis from the set.

 I really bought these guys just to paint them. So I thought it'd be fun to put him on a big ol' tree stump (that I picked up for $1 at Historicon). The big stump also meant a big base- he's on a 60mm, even though the Gnome is only about the size of my thumbnail.

The leaves on the base came from Secret Weapon Miniatures. They make some cool stuff, including these leaves in several color varieties.

He'll probably end up becoming some weird NPC in a game of Savage Worlds eventually. But for now, he's just part of my miniature shelf, hanging out with some Daemonettes, Fenrisian Wolves and Moria Goblins.

Friday, November 8, 2013

All The Social Networks!

Last night, I decided to finally launch a Facebook page for Chickhammer. So, if you're into that sort of thing, check it out! It will be updated with links to the blog posts, work in progress photos, podcast links, and whatever other sort of hobby-based goodness I think you might like. I even added a nifty little Facebook widget to the side bar.

I hemmed and hawed about doing one for a while, but finally decided to give it a try. It's a little more instantaneous than the blog and I think that'll be fun. So, more WIP photos for sure. There will also probably be a lot of pictures of my dog. She's hobby time enemy #1, as she likes to push my minis away and sit in my lap. She turns on her sad eyes and suddenly I've forgotten I was painting and then... you get the idea.

Anyway, since I have your attention already, I'll also mention that I'm on Twitter, you can find me @LilThunderLiz.

Happy Friday!
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