Monday, April 15, 2013

A Big Box Of Guns

Seems I've run out of excuses to lollygag on the Grey Hunter conversions. Their guns arrived, and quite timely, too. I ordered them with the expectation that they'd take 3-4 weeks to arrive, and they got here in less than two. Nice job, Forgeworld.

Turns out, I made a small error and didn't get any heavy bolters. Oops! I think I panicked a little after I added everything to my cart and it totaled nearly £200. I took some things out and accidentally axed the set of heavy bolters. I'll have to order some soon.

I did, however, get two Special Weapons packs (2 each of missile launcher, flamer, and meltagun), two sets of Umbra bolters, a set of Umbra Ferrox bolters, and the MKIV power weapons set which is basically a whole ton of goodies I can mix and match into the army, including torsos, chainswords, and a thunder hammer all to match the MKIV armor. It cost me all of my hobby money for the month, but totally worth it.

I am very happy with the power weapons set especially. My favorite is definitely the heavy chainsword, which is just a giant, two handed chainsword. As there are no rules for it in any codex that I'm aware of, I'm definitely going to model someone with it as their regular CCW because why the hell not? It's awesome. I'm also pleased to see that without much hassle, I can convert the chainswords from the Grey Hunters box into some appropriate looking MKIV ones.

Just need to clip some of the teeth off the back.
It's great that I can use the ones that are decked out with wolfy bits. That is part of what gives the army the character I like so much. It also means I'll get good results without too much work, definitely a bonus.

Having all the weapons, though, means it's time to sit down and finish up (or, um, start) the green stuff work on the torsos and legs. I've been working on other things to this point, but now it's time to really give them a go. Hopefully I will have a little more hobby time soon, I have plenty of things to work on when I do.


  1. I look forward to seeing the assembly!

  2. Nice. Loves me some double edged chainswords. My recent purchase is the professional painting station from hobbyzone. Can't wait for that huge sucker to arrive!


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