Monday, February 4, 2013

LOTR Movie & Painting Marathon

Two weeks ago, I sat down for what used to be an annual tradition of mine- a Lord of the Rings marathon. I always enjoyed doing it but, as happens, life gets in the way and things fall to the wayside. There's been a lot of that happening lately, I've been sick practically since New Year's and work has been nuts. But, now things seem to have finally evened out.

Doing the marathon, though, was a little bit special this time around because I wasn't just watching the movie, I was painting some LOTR figures as well. Hubs and I have had the makings of an army each for quite some time (I chose bad guys, he chose good guys) but neither of us had gotten around to painting them.

I have a Moria and Angmar army, mostly goblins. I got them mostly painted, and started on some Barrow Wights and Dead Marsh Spectres. I did, however, finish up my favorite of the Lord of the Rings models- the Tainted.

I still have to finished the mounted one, but I am really happy with how he turned out. But, being as brilliant as I am, I didn't write down how I did it, so hopefully I can guess/remember when I go to finish the mounted one.

All my hobbying time lately has been taken over by sleeping time, but I'm getting back on the blogging and hobbying horse now. My hands aren't steady enough for painting yet (and coughing all of a sudden isn't conductive to painting) but I have started prepping my Stonehaven Dwarfs. I am really looking forward to working on them after I finish up my Moria army.

Speaking of Stonehaven, they're doing another Kickstarter, this time with Gnomes. These look just as great as the Dwarfs do. I threw down some money for a set. The Dwarfs make an awesome set for RPG characters, and I'm planning to use the Gnomes for the same. Right now, I'm playing an RPG using the Dwarf Druid as my character. It's such a great model. If you're interesting in checking it out, I have a link at the top of my page.

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