Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hammer in the New Year 2013 Success!

After much preparation and worry, my Hammer in the New Year tournament ran yesterday and was, if I may say so, quite successful. 16 people showed up to throw some dice. The overall response has been positive and I'm glad everyone had a good time.

Just a few pictures from the day:

I held the event at the Game Parlor and things were a little tight for all of us. Depending on the volume of participants next year, I may have to look into an expanded venue. Any more than what we had would be too many.

Prize money is always great, but I think having a little something special is nice, too. So I made some fun hammer trophies for the winners. 

The winners were:

Best Painted: Phil R.
Best General: Chris S.
Best Overall: Vaden

Congrats to you three and thank you all for participating. I will almost certainly be running it again next year.

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