Monday, January 21, 2013

First Game of Hell Dorado

Over the weekend, I gave Hell Dorado a shot. I've been really enjoying skirmish games lately (if Mordheim and Necomunda weren't enough of a clue). Something about small model count, quick games has been really appealing. I prepped and primed my Westerners warband but things have been a little crazy lately, so I didn't get a chance to get any further than that with them.

Hubs actually managed to get his whole band painted up. I assume that's why the Westerners were slaughtered. Dice always roll better for painted miniatures. It didn't help that all but one of the cards for my warband were in French, either. Now I have been known on occasion to parle le fran├žais, but it's clearly been too long since I used it actively. My rusty linguistic skills did nothing to improve my chances.

Certain people failed to mention that all the information on the cards for each character is in the rulebook until the 4th turn... but I digress. English cards have been ordered for future games so all is well. Speaking of the rulebook, if you haven't seen it, is gorgeous. The art in it is just lovely.

Overall, though, I liked the mechanics of the game. The way dominance worked confused me at first (blaming the French cards here) but an interesting idea. Gives one band a slight advantage in the beginning, but that can quickly change and be very important. I'm looking forward to playing some more Hell Dorado in the future, especially once my band is painted.

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  1. looks like a fun game. Funny, I've been on a bit of a Skirmish kick as well. I don't know if 6th ed. is to blame, or I just needed a break. its been a helluva lot of fun regardless.


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