Friday, September 7, 2012

NOVA Open 2012 Battle Report

This was my first time playing Fantasy at a tournament. There were about 30 players, with room for up to 40. The Fantasy room was a whole different animal from the 40k side. If I could sum it up in a word, Fantasy was cozy and 40k was cavernous.

There was something like 38 people originally scheduled to participate but a bunch dropped out or didn't show at the last minute. That meant that to have 1 undefeated player at the end, we only needed to go 5 games instead of 6. This ended up being great, because it gave me more time to see things and talk with people before the award ceremony on Sunday.

Overall, I went 2-3 and I achieved my goal of winning at least two games. Everyone I played against was great and I even managed to find a little time between games to socialize with people I didn't get paired to play with.

I took this list:

The Hungry Horde!

Slaughtermaster- Level 4 with Lore of the Great Maw, dispel scroll, Crown of Command and extra hand weapon.

Bruiser- BSB with Rune Maw and Ironfist, Heavy Armour, and Lookout Gnoblar.
Firebelly- Great Weapon, Hellheart, and Lore of Fire

16 Ogres- full command and Ironfist.
10 Gnoblar Trappers
10 Gnoblar Trappers

6 Mournfang Cavalry- full command,  Dragonhide banner, Ironfist, and Heavy Armour.
6 Leadbelchers- Bellower.
1 Sabretusk

2 Ironblasters
Game 1: Cale, Ogres (loss)

     There were a lot of Ogre players, and I had visions of repeating my experience at Blob's Park where I played the same army all day long. Somewhat remarkably, this ended up being my only game against Ogres.
     We had a great game and he beat me pretty handedly. We had some issues with our Ironblasters, in that we kept misfiring. I don't think either of ours did any damage to anyone the whole game. But I really do love them (and they were clutch later on in the event).
     The only real difference between our armies was I had regular Ogres and he had Ironguts. Those guys hurt with the S6 attacks. It took them a little while, but they chewed through my Mournfangs, despite their 2+ save.
     I ended up with 5 points and he had 17.

Game 2: Jon, Empire (loss)

     This was the second time I've played Empire, but the list was very different from what Richard brought in our game. He ran a Steam Tank, and based on what happened during our game, I'm not sure why. It hurt itself, and didn't do overmuch damage to me in return. It seems too risky to spend 250 points on.
     That being said, I made some bad choices during deployment and it made the game even more of an uphill battle than it was going to be in the first place.
     I scored another 4 points and if I remember correctly (apparently writing down his score next to mine didn't happen) he got 18.

Game 3: Josh, Night Goblins (win)
      I'm a complete flake and forgot to take any photos during this game. In my defense, I was so out of it that I couldn't even count my guys correctly. It had been a really long day for me up to this point, and I was checking out early and I feel really bad about that because Josh was a cool guy to play. The army was also really cool looking.
      Josh was the ringer. Because so many people dropped, we ended up with an odd number of players. And he was really, really trying not to beat me into a pulp because that's not what a ringer is for. But I sure wasn't making it easy on him. I couldn't pass a save or roll to hit on anything. It was a really, really slow grind. We came out pretty close in the end.
     My sleep deprived addled brain didn't write down either of our points for this game but I'm fairly confident in my remembrance that I got 12 points and he got 8.

Game 4: Louie, Dark Elves (loss)
      No excuse this time for forgetting to take photos. I just totally forgot. I ended up completely misreading the mission for this one, so even though we ended up close in victory points, I got spanked on objectives. I'll definitely have to read more carefully next time.
      Games like this really illustrate why I like the Ironblasters so much. They took out both his Hydras and that was a big deal. Even though the one misfired and was mostly useless for 2 turns because of it, they still managed to do a lot of key things.
     I gained 7 more points and he got 14.

Game 5: Josh (again), Tomb Kings (win)

     I ended up playing Josh again, but with a different army. I obviously wasn't playing for a top spot so it was no big deal and our previous game was good so I didn't mind. This one was actually more fun because I was conscious during this game, unlike the last game of Saturday night.
     Tomb Kings are actually the army I've played against the most, so it's the army I have the most experience with outside of my Ogres. Once again, the Ironblasters were clutch. They took out one of his catapults and did a wound (maybe 2?) on one of the Sphinxes.
      Eventually, I ground down his all bones to make my bread. I've never completely annihilated someone before, and it would be a lie to suggest I wasn't a little excited about doing it. Charging the Mournfangs into his archers seems a little over kill, still, though. But it needed to be done for the objective points.
      I pulled our 20 points on this one to his 2.

If I remembered correctly, I should end up with 48 points out of a possible total of 120. It's really hard to get all 120, you'd have to massacre every opponent and get all the objectives. I can speculate about where I fell in the pack until the cows come home, but I don't know for sure since scores haven't been posted yet.

Overall, I had 5 great games and I met a bunch of really cool people. I couldn't be happier about that (especially given some previous experiences). It looks like I'm going to have to get my butt into gear on the Space Wolf army because I'll doubtlessly be playing 40k at next year's NOVA. I have a year to mentally prepare myself to play 8 games in a weekend.

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