Friday, September 14, 2012

Get Started or Wait? My Space Wolves Dilemma

With the exciting news of a new video for the Forgeworld Horus Hersey Book 1 today, I've really come to a head with getting started on my upcoming Space Wolf army.

I've been talking about the Big Plans I have for them for a few months now, and it's probably time I came clean about what those plans exactly are. Even before the rumors started circulating about Forgeworld's Heresy plans, I had decided I wanted to do my Space Wolves up in in the Heresy style.

At the time, I was reading Collected Visions and the style and fluff just sucked me in. I was completely committed to doing up all the conversions myself, and I'd scoured the internet for tips and suggestions from people who have already done similar work themselves. But with the announcement that Forgeworld is going to produce more Heresy models, I'm left in a tough spot.

I can either a) go forward with my plans and do a ton of work to convert them up myself or b) I can wait and see what they release. They have quite a few Heresy style things in production already (like the incredible Space Wolf dreadnought I already bought). They look great (I had planned on buying some to mix in with my conversions) so I expect these to be along similar lines.

The problem is, we know what the legions covered in this book are, and Space Wolves aren't among them. I expected this to be the case, from what the rumors had been saying. So the next book might be out around February/March and there's no guarantee Space Wolves will be covered in it. It could be a year, or more, before they get around to them, and then a little more before the models are all in production.

I was hoping to whip 1500 points up for Mechanicon at the end of October, but now I'm not so sure I want to start them. I don't have a 40k army right now, though, so it's an odd place to be in. If I'm going to put them together, I need to start doing them now in order to have them ready in time.

Decisions, decisions.


  1. Personally, I vote for a conversion project because it provides a unique reflection of one's personality and creativity as an artist- even more so because there is no release date in sight. Once FW does release a Space Wolves cadre, you can intersperse them into your existing list as you like.

  2. Yeah I say go for it. I imagine the next book will cover Istvaan V, the dropsite massacre and the forces present there (which is a lot of additional ones so maybe not all of them). After then I'd expect to see one that covers the Space Wolves' attack on Prospero (plus maybe something else as two legions seem not enough for this kind of book).

    So yeah you could end up waiting a year or more. From what I gather though, so far, there's going to be a standard legion list with rules to vary it for the different legions, so at least you'll have a starting point.

    Starting now means you can add the new stuff as you go at a steady pace, rather than try to plan it all in one go.

  3. From what I've read in your should start now. or, it'll be just another way to procrastinate and push it off till 'later'. Bite the bullet, build the army, finish it..and if/when the new models come out, add some in for flavor as character models or special units.

  4. Yup, Gonewild hits the bullseye. I say go for it. Especially since conversions are fun and take time.

  5. That's really great advice. Thanks very much! I've never done anything like this- as far as conversions go, so might as well start learning.

  6. Hm.. if they go chronologically, I think prospero should be next.. then istvaan v, then calth.. then Mars.. I think.. might need to reread to be sure.. and ofc theres no guarantee of chronology...

  7. It would make sense for them to do it chronologically, but who knows?

  8. I'm pretty sure they're sticking to 4 legions a book, but I can't for the life of me remember where I heard that.

    Adding stuff later, once it's released, is a really good idea. I have to get myself into some 6th edition games before I'm the only one left who doesn't know all the rules changes.

  9. That can't be quite strictly true, as there are 18 legions and that doesn't easily divide into 4. They have said they are doing an Imperial army list and I think a mechanicum/titan legion so that could take the place of a legion.

  10. Not all 18 legions had much to do with the Heresy, though- like the Ultramarines who didn't make it back in time. So, I don't think all will be used. They also hint that several non-Astartes will be included, which makes me really excited. That might mean the one dealing with Prospero could cover the Thousand Sons, the Space Wolves, the Silent Sisters, and the Custodes. If that's the case, they can take my money right now.

  11. Have you not read Know no fear? If not I definately recomend it, its about the battle of calth, Ultramarines vs Word Bearers 100k+ ultramarines are butchered, its incredibly epic. Plus I believe one of the Novellas in the next horus heresy book is set in the same conflict. All the legions were involved even if they didn't make it back to terra. You have to remember that the heresy is supposed to last several years.

    But yeah I'd expect Silent sisters and custodes too, its all very exciting stuff


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