Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scuplting and Casting Tools Arrived!

I've mentioned that I have Big Plans for my upcoming Space Wolf army, and like most Big Plans, they require new tools. The last package of those goodies arrived yesterday.

I ordered a big pile of Green Stuff, the Citadel sculpting tool, some Instant-mold sticks, a small container of BluStuff, and an assortment of ten colour shapers (size 0 and size 2). Some of it had to come from the UK, so even though I ordered them ages ago, they took a while to get here.

The hard part was going to be letting these things just sit around for a few weeks while I finish my Dwarfs for NOVA. But they're not a priority now. That means I can start experimenting with these new toys now! I've done very, very minimal sculpting before. So this is a giant experiment for me. I'll be making molds to cast some things in addition to trying to sculpt or resculpt things. 

After I get a little use out of the bluestuff, insta-mold, and colour shapers, I'll do a review of each. I've heard good things about all three (and bought them based on recommendations) so hopefully they'll do the job I need.

I haven't 100% settled on what I'll be doing to my Space Wolves, but there will definitely be some resculpting, adding wolf pelts and fur, and a new Great Company badge.

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  1. I've been thinking of doing something similar, so I look forward to seeing how it works out for you.


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