Monday, August 13, 2012

40 Longbeards Later...

Wow, these guys took me a while to get painted. Their skin was finished ages ago, but only because I just cranked out the skin on every model in the army (took me 2 Raws and a Smackdown to complete- roughly 7 hours). They ended up running around through a number games just like that, slapped on crummy temporary bases.

The command.
I lazed around on these guys for a while because I didn't have all the models I needed. I really like to have the whole unit, so I can batch paint them all at once. I scored an unopened box of Longbeards and a command blister on eBay in April, but they sure took their sweet time getting here. Then I took my own sweet time getting around to them.

In the mean time of slacking off on these guys, I finished all the bases for the army and painted up some of the lords and heros, so I wasn't resting entirely on my laurels. I had a ton of fun working on their beards, but after that, there was just something about doing 40 of them that started to drag me down.

My Grombrindal on Shield is snuck in there, too, as a unit filler. His base takes up 6 spaces, he was far too wide to do just 4. I was 5 Longbeards short for a full unit, and didn't want to drop another $30 on a box of ten.

The whole unit, all together. I still have to finish up the movement trays. I'll probably just paint them green like the bases. I don't think the moss will work very well on them though, so I think I'll leave it off.


  1. Love the 6-base Grombrindal on Shield, and not just for being economical on buying kits. Really livens up the visuals.

  2. Thanks! I like using tall unit fillers to break up the height a little. I almost regret not making it larger- the axe sticks out too far off the base and I can't get anyone to rank up next to him because of it.


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