Thursday, July 5, 2012

Emerald Stone Bases

There were a lot of these suckers to make, somewhere in the vicinity of 150, plus a few larger ones for the unit fillers and such. I had a hard time getting into a grove working on them, but my friend Bart hosted a painting day and bbq yesterday for the 4th and I pushed through the rest of them.

The base itself is a little bit of white mixed with Goblin Green sponged on top of a layer of Snot Green/Catachan Green mix. Not that these colors mean much anymore, but there you go. Thankfully I bought an extra pot of each before they switched to the new line of paints.

I really happy with how they look all lined up.
They look like they're sitting on stones, but they're actually shells I found at my local craft store. The leafy bits are craft moss. After I primed, painted, and sponged the bases, I just glued down the shells on top of the moss. Then I trimmed down the excess moss, since some of them were a little wild.

I did 30 of them ages ago when I finished my Slayers, but I forgot to stick the metal bases to the bottom. Rather than pull them off and remake them, I primed the metal, added it to the bottom, and then touched up the paint. A hassle and not the best way to go about it, but completely my own fault for not planning ahead better.

Now I just need to finish painting up the rest of this army so I can stick them on the bases. Longbeards are mostly finished, I just have to pick out the rest of the details on them.


  1. Nice!The green is a nice contrast with the reddish orange. Bases like that are a great way to unify the look of an army.

  2. Those look great. Nice score from the craft shop!

  3. Thanks! I can't wait to get the rest of the army finished so I can see what they look like as a whole. The rest of them aren't all redheads, so hopefully they'll still stand out well.

  4. Thank you! I found them completely by chance. I went into the craft shop to kill some time while waiting for another store to open, and it was as if they were waiting for me.


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