Saturday, July 21, 2012

6th Edition Rapid Fire Tournament

Today was quite a day! Casey and I went down to Ye Olde Fredericksburg for a tournament at the Game Vault. It was a very informal thing to help everyone get acquainted with the new rules. Just the sort of thing you need for a new edition.

The format was great- we were randomly paired up and left to play each game as long as we needed. Then we were paired up with the next person who was waiting for a game. I managed to get in 4, but we showed up a little late (traffic added an hour to our travel time) so otherwise I probably could have went for 5.

It was 1,000 points, so I used my Daemons and played:

HQ: Keeper of Secrets
Elites: 3 Fiends, 3 Flamers
Troops: 2 units of 10 Daemonettes
Fast Attack: 10 Flesh Hounds, 8 Seekers

Casey- Tyranids
   Since we showed up late, we got paired against each other. We don't play each other often, so it was nice, even though he beat the snot out of me. There's really nothing I can do against all his Warriors' shooting, particularly since I opted not to take a Daemon Prince.

Russ- Daemons
   I don't usually do well in Daemon on Daemon pairings, since it's likely impossible to have a less shooty Daemon army than what I tend to run. This was a good game and I stuck around longer than I thought, despite the fliers he had. I had nothing that could take care of the flying monstrous creatures, which is something I'll have to be mindful of in the future. I also should add one to my list if I run Daemons in the future.

Joe- Orks
   This is only the second time I've played against Orks. I wasn't expecting there to be so many in just a 1,000 point game, but they definitely needed those numbers considering their low BS. It's unusual being the one outnumbered, though. This was probably the most informative of the games, because I learned a lot about an army I'm not familiar with in addition to reinforcing the 6th rules.

Dan- Daemons
   In no other game was I more sorry I didn't take the Daemon Prince. Also, I cannot believe how much better Soul Grinders got in 6th.Yikes. This game was tough but fun. My Seekers suffered a mishap and died, which always hurts but I didn't have much of a chance when only two units had a chance of wounding the three Grinders. It was the most decisive of my losses.

This event was great. Having a room full of people to consult on new rules was fantastic. And since no one knew what they were doing 100%, the keep-your-own pace was perfect. Playing four games also made me severely aware of the new holes in this army- I really have to have more shooting. I also need, without exception, to include a Tzeenchy Daemon Prince in all lists. Bolt or stay home.

After this, I feel much more confident in 6th, even though I'm still feeling a little adverse to the change. With some of the bigger changes locked in (although I still keep forgetting the change to Fleet), I can now work on some of the smaller ones. Another ten games or so, and I should be right as rain (or right enough at least).

Casey won the event, having won all of his games. He keeps saying his 'Nids are terrible but I still don't see it. I actually won the "door prize" which I think was their nice way of saying "last place" (I didn't do well, haha) but I had 4 really solid, fun, and informative games. My prize went towards getting my first HQ for my Space Wolves- a Logan Grimnar. I now have everything I need to start those puppies now, so I'd better finished my Dwarfs or they'll start collecting dust.


  1. Game Vault is one of the best game stores ever! Glad you had fun!

  2. If I didn't live an hour away, I would definitely go back more often. Unfortunately, getting there is a bit of a crapshoot because of traffic.

  3. Door prize wasn't for last, but one of 4 randomly drawn prizes from people who lost their games. Glad you had fun!!

  4. Thanks for running it! I'm looking forward to coming down for more events in the future.

  5. Cathy Feduke (Game Vault)August 9, 2012 at 9:04 AM

    Pffft - an hour! That's Stafford, right? Or do you mean what should be an hour but because shiny things on the side of the road attract the eyes of Virginia drivers it takes 2-3 hours to go 60 miles? I'm glad you had fun. We try to make it worth it when you do make the trek. I wish I could open a store up there - or that someone would. There are a lot of you that deserve it.

  6. Stafford? That'd be a cakewalk. I'm in Fairfax, so it *should* be an hour, but takes 2-3 instead. That makes it difficult to plan games (or show up to events on time) but you do an excellent job of making it worth the time. Everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful and you usually have what I'm looking for in stock.


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