Friday, June 15, 2012

The Things We Do For Love

Hubs and I went to visit my family a couple weeks back, and he wasn't keen on staying too late the day we drove back. My father, however, wanted to make a smoked brisket and I couldn't say no to that. So I bribed Hubs into leaving late by offering to help put some of his new Vampire Counts models together, since he would have spent that time working on them.

Somehow, "some" turned into 30 ghouls and a box of Hexwraiths. I may have been had. He was traveling for work this past week, so I put them together while he was away. I haven't felt much motivation to paint, so this was a nice change of pace. The ghouls' heads were a pain in the butt to scrape mold lines off, but I had Omar and the Bunk keeping me company as I slogged my way through them.

Bam. 30 all done.
I'm really glad this isn't my army. I can't imagine trying to paint these guys up. A lot of their hands are too close to their faces. But when I picked up Hubs from the airport tonight, I had to fess up that the Hexwraiths are still in the box. Oops. But it's not my fault, honest.

I bought these  guys instead :)
I double-super promised myself I wouldn't put the wolves together until I finished painting the Longbeards. But I have the boxes now. It's times like these that I wish I  had 6 arms. I need to get the Hexwraiths together first, though, so Hubs can get his VCs together for NOVA. Hexwraiths, Longbeards, Space Wolves. Looks like I have my weekend work cut out for me. Anyone else have good hobby plans this weekend?

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